September 2005

Korean Chacharoni

Never heard of Chacharoni? Well, it’s actually a Chinese-Korean style noodle which is made by soy bean paste and served in Chinese restaurant in Korea. You guys, I didn’t make that up, I’m just explaining to what it says right there in the plastic packaging. First of all, I thought the name is a lil bit Italian, and second of all, I’m not quite convinced that the definition on the packaging stating the noodle is made by ‘soy bean paste’ is true. The sauce itself is made of soy bean paste, that is true to the packet. Anyway, let’s start off the cooking shall we?

Outsourcing my Internet Connection

I’m now posting this through Dodo World, a cyber cafe outlet of a broadband provider in Australia. A method of which I called “Internet Connection Outsourcing” is used when I’ve got no constant or immediate Internet connection at the place where I stayed. I’ve been posting through any stores or outlets where I can get Internet connections…

Review on Dick Smith’s TV Tuner

Went to Carnegie’s Dicksmith Electronic Powerhouse yesterday. It’s a huge outlet with everything from laptops to home theatre systems. Good thing is, it’s just a 2 minutes drive-away from my place.

I’ve got a TV card sitting in my PC for a while now and I need a TV tuner to receive signals to watch “The Simpsons” on Channel Ten. My objective is to look for a good quality ones rather than those cheap, low quality receiver. I’m ready to pay the premium if I can get better signals.

I was looking at a shelf of about 8 different kinds of tuners. Prices varies from $16.95 to $59.95. It’s a big difference there so I’m not gonna get myself at picking the wrong ones. Well, they have a 14-day money-back guarantee policy, anyway. I’m not sure whether which one’s the best for my type of needs, so the friendly storehand popped up and helped me made my decision. I chose the Dicksmith’s Indoor Telescopic TV Antenna with Built-in Amplifier, which costs $49.95. Reviews followed in the photo story.

Dick Smith Electronic. They have their own logo on the packaging.The box and its content.Bad thing to this tuner is that it requires power supplies due to its amplifiers. That means messy wires and 1 adapter wasted.Ugly scene of the wire. That's a negative.Nice lil' dial there to adjust the amplification. Basically, turn it to the max to get the best picture, and you can throw away the dial.At first, I place the tuner on my PC table, but later found out that the received picture was awful. I changed its location.The picture turned out like this. Audio receptions' also bad. Later I found that the position of the tuner played a part in that.Damn! Too close to the wireless mouse. Wireless signals from the mouse is interfering with the tuner's.

I was able to fix the reception by moving the tuner closer to the window. The reception then came out fine, but I can’t get the position for it to get all channels on optimum reception. So I ended up with a best position for all the channels, spare the quality for the sake of quantity. Geez.

Ratings: [rate 3]

Life’s Boring Without The Internet

I’ve moved in my new accomodation for about 3 weeks now and I haven’t got a phone to use. Thanks to Telstra, and some issues with the landlord. Well, my housemate and I decided to register for a phone number. Since there’s a phone line installed, so we assume that we won’t require the service of Telstra serviceman. Bull, after 3 days (the activation period), we pick up the phone, there’s no dial tone, no nothing. We called up Telstra several times. They’ve checked the number to verify, they’ve sent data packs to the number and it returned 100%. But we still pick up the phone hearing nothing.

After some checks in our house by the Telstra technicians, they’ve found out that it’s actually a line problem from the local exchange to our house. Who would had expected that? Now we’ve to pay $99 to Telstra for the check ‘coz it’s not their problem at first. It’s their policy, we were told earlier by Telstra. Anyway, it’s gonna be the landlord’s problem, all charges goes to him until the phone is working, by law.

I’m now online through an employment service in Oakleigh. It’s free for all jobseekers, but not for personal use though. But it seems that there are no monitoring going on here, so why waste the resources? Furthermore, this place is about 5 minutes driving from my place. It’s cool. Oh yeah, talking about driving. Gotta say it’s a f*ck*d up week last week. I had 2 near-accidents, if it’s not for my Sharp-Instinct-for-Collision-Prevention skillz, I woulda end up with a junkyard car. Although I do have a cover note from AAMI, a 14-day free insurance cover, which I have to pay to continue being covered. This is actually my first time driving in Australia, and the systems are really a mess. There are “hook turns” in the city, which I’ve seen for the first time anywhere in the world. Only Melbourne has it. Will explain how that goes in future posts.

Everyone prays for my phone line to work again as soon as possible! Thank you.

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