October 2005

October Review: Traffic Jam!

October had been an exciting month for me, so here goes. I had a blog hosted at Blogspot since mid-2004 and I was half-hearted about blogging then. Not until I moved it to my current host in October 2004 that I started to take it seriously. I’ve had two websites running since then and visitors to the sites are very few and far in between. Averaging 40-50 visitors per month, most of them were of my online photo gallery at Snapshots of Life.

Eaten 3 Gigabyte of Bandwidth
Read from January downwards, the numbers were almost constant, August and September, I ohad a little improvements and then BAM!!! 4805 freaking unique visitors in October! I’m not of Kennysia‘s pedigree yet but hitting 4800 uniques/month?! There has got to be something special under my sleeves.

Don’t play play lar, there’s nothing special about my blog, you see see oledi you know, you think I eveliday flame pee-ple like the whores at blogsome dot com meh?

There are actually three websites under my domain to be accounted for the stats. I’ve launched an online photo album for the fans of Ayumi Kinoshita around mid-October. And THAT you guys, is the reason why the site traffic hiked. I’m speculating that it had accounted for 40% of page views in the stats.
Ayumikinoshita Tops the List
The most viewed page being Alexallied.com and Ayumi Kinoshita gallery’s photo viewer. Sadly, my hard-worked tutorial posts had to settle for 3rd and 4th.

Yahoo serves me Good
Yahoo! sure served me well. A week ago, I was fourth on their search result on “Ayumi Kinoshita”, but dropped to 18th lately *sigh*. Google hasn’t yet listed my site. Wonder why. The worst of all, the search term “Ayumi Kinoshita” on Yahoo! and Google both returned No.1 and No.2 respectively on LiewCF.com’s 1 page, 1 picture post about the Japanese star. How lame is that?

Browser War
Moving onto the war of the browsers, 10 days ago, I wrote a post about Firefox’s 100 million downloads milestone, and I mentioned about Firefox ruling the browser war on my websites. That looks like overturned by Micro$oft’s 1n7ern37 3xplorer at the end of the month, taking a commanding 51.2% at the lead, 14.1% ahead of Firefox.

Hmm, Microsoft was surely flamed by Firefox’s 100 million download celebration.

Green Bags at Safeway Woolworths

Safeway, or more widely recognized as Woolworths in states outside Victoria, are carrying out efforts for a greener environment through their green-colored reusable shopping bags.

A move that I reckon, very courteous by the supermarket giant.
Green Bags
These bags are accessible in the store and you won’t miss it, cause it’s just right at the entrance!

Only 99 cents each
It only costs 99 cents to save the environment. What more do you have to pay? Just pick one up today and say ‘No’ to the plastic bags.

Every Bag Counts. Help us Create a Better Environment
Yeah, every bag counts. Help create a better environment,

Before it turns into this.
Garbage Dump

Safeway are said to completely eliminate the use of plastic bags in year 2007.


This is classic. One of my favorite games in my childhood years. The game’s mission is simple. Eat all the dots and avoid getting eaten by the monsters. You’re able to eat them during a short time-frame after you’ve eaten the bigger dot. Enough said, hit Start and get yourself a high score!

Alexallied.com on a Furry Box

Alexallied.com on a Furry Box
Introducing! the new alexallied.com container box. It’s very elegant, has a furry texture. The best of it, it cost only $39.95! Comes in dark chocolate color only.

Not too bad huh? Hope that I could get some Target shoppers onto my site with this.

Talking like Eric Cartman I

Talking as if I’m Eric Cartman

My Icon
Look at that, you guys, Juusst Loook at that piece of artwork there. Lovely ain’t it? I tell ya, I spent only 10 minutes crafting that out and don’t tell me, I know, I’m a pure genius of art. You know, that ain’t easy stuff at all. The only tool I used was my classic Windows Paint, how pathetic is that huh? I don’t use Photoshop, I don’t use Illustrator, coz I’m not a professional, I’m a genius. Admit that you guys. This post kick ass.

By the way Kyle, can I buy you a drink and don’t tell anyone I made this through Abi Station’s Iconmaker?

Kyle: “No Eric, that ain’t gonna work.”
Eric: “Oh, goddamit!!!!”

Screw you guys, I'm goin' home

PPS removed XXX-rated Advertisements

PPS responded by removing XXX-rated Ads
Project Petaling Street had actually removed XXX-rated advertisements from their Sponsors list. I guess the message had been effectively delivered through my public outcry a few days ago.

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