November 2005

Milo getting Microchipped

Just thought that it would be safer if I could get Milo microchipped, just in case she’s lost.

A microchip is a rice or grain-sized pellet that is implanted under the pet’s skin. The microchip contains information of the owner such as name, home address, contact details, everything that will help in finding us if the dog is found.

The injection of a microship takes about a minute or so, using a needle as big as those used when you’re donating your blood. I don’t know how Milo went through the whole process with only a little squeak, and then back to her jumpy-self again. She’s a brave puppy ya know.

The vet preparing prior to the microchipping
The vet prepares for the microchipping while Milo is still waving her tail in joy, not knowing she’s gonna be injected later on. The vet then cleanses the target area where the microchip will be implanted.

The big injection needle and Milo getting injected
Personally, I’m afraid of needles. A needle this big would scare me off, but luckily, I don’t need to be microchipped. The dog seems to be handling it quite well. She went through the whole process with a little squeak and that’s all.

Cleans and soothe her up. Check and confirm the microchip.
Cleaning her up and she was scanned to confirm the microchip’s ID. Done!

Besides microchipping, female dogs here are even de-sexed (surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus) to prevent them from getting unwanted off-springs, thus, reducing the unwanted, homeless, stray dogs population. I’m not sure whether I’m gonna do it on Milo, I thought it’s a bit harsh for her, but I’m not asking for more puppies though, coz my speakers are dead by now thanks to Milo.

Modded Cars: Winners of the Show

Modded Cars Series: Perodua Kancil and Kelisa | Proton | Honda | Winners of the Show

Modded Cars: Winners of the Show

Red Honda Civic
This is the winner of the “Best Modded Cars” category. A Civic with its engines, suspension parts, exhaust systems, etc, generously accessorized and modded. I don’t know whether you guys have other ideas, but I personally think that the car that I’m about to show you, has more credentials for that title.

The Pink Honda Civic
The pink Honda Civic with vertical doors, aluminum spike rims, V-Tec engine with huge air-intake alloy pipes.

Interiors and audio system
White and pink, not bad a combination. The audio system is good, but I’m gonna show you the best in the show later.

What's in the boot?
Those blue cans on the left looks like NOS-tanks, but actually they’re water bottles. They’ve got two tweeters hidden inside the boot of that little car replica.

What do you think? Still going for that red Civic?

Best Local Car and Best Audio System: The Red Proton Saga

Red Anaconda Proton Saga
This car I reckon, you guys will never see it elsewhere. A heavily modded Proton Saga, who would mod a Saga like that? Winner of the “Best Local Car” category says it all. Other Proton cars in the show are just no match for this red safari-themed Proton Saga.

The best audio system of the show
The winner of the “Best Audio System”, thanks to this powderful sets of Anaconda audio systems. It also has a PS 2 game console installed right here in its boot! So if you’re stuck in a traffic jam, you can pull the hand-brake, step out and open up the boot, and play Need For Speed like there’s no traffic at all. How cool is that?

Well, this post concludes the Modded Cars from the 2005 Miri Car Show series. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the pictures.

Free Ubuntu CD Give Away

UPDATE: Many has been requesting for free CDs, but I’m sorry to tell you, although this might be a bit late, that I’ve none left. This article was posted about 2 years ago.

I’ve just received a package of 15 CDs of Ubuntu (Linux) open-source operating system.

Post Package
It’s totally free and I’m about to distribute it free as well.

Free Ubuntu CDs
I’ve got on my hand, 10 PC version CDs, 2 for Macintosh (Apple), and 3 for your 64-bit PC.

If you’re interested on trying Linux-based OS, leave a comment by including your e-mail and specifying the OS that you’re using, I’ll get in touch with you.

Welcome back, ADSL

The blog was left unattended as I kept myself busy changing its “clothes”. It’s been two weeks since I last surfed on ADSL and I tell ya, there’s not much alternatives other than that bloody dial-up. Dial-up are bad mmkay. They keep you waiting, but you can’t stop waiting cause you just have read that dreaded e-mails and keep yourself up to date with news from broadband-optimized news sites. Worst off, the line at my new place will only go 28.8kpbs the max! and on top of that, I had to share the connection with 2 other users. Now that’s really fucked up.

I’ve got problems with ADSL availability here at my new premise. Reason being the old “digital pair gain system” was incompatible with ADSL data carriage. Here’s a letter from my ADSL provider.

Telstra has identified that your nominated phone line (03 xxxx xxxx) has
incompatible infrastructure – “Pair Gains System/RIM” and is
incompatible with ADSL. In order for TPG to deliver an ADSL service, we will need
to organise the removal of “Pair Gains System/RIM”.

This means that your telephone service is sharing copper wire between
your premises and local telephone exchange with another telephone
number. While a “Pair Gain” system is perfectly adequate for normal voice
transmission of telephone conversations, it will not allow the full
throughput of data via an ADSL Connection.

Yesterday, the issue was resolved and the phone was out for a day due to some technical problems. The Telstra guy came this afternoon and got everything fixed. ADSL is back to where is should be!

Damn it. The days of dial-up are freaking tiring okay. But then, it is still able to provide me some form of satisfaction for being able to check my mails and stuff. Just ask wingz and those who’re affected by faulty Streamyx (Malaysian broadband provider) and what they think about TMnut and dial-ups. Expect some hostile feedbacks you guys.

Modded Cars: Honda

Modded Cars Series: Perodua Kancil and Kelisa | Proton | Honda | Winners of the Show

Modded Cars: Honda

Purple Honda Accord
A milky-purple Honda Accord.

V-Tec Inside
Honda Civic with V-Tec Inside.

Yellow Honda Civic
This is one of my favorite cars of the show. I liked the bright yellow color and the red flame emblem.

Automated boot with sub-woofers in it
Liked every part of its back. From the automated boot cover to its sub-woofers and the box that contained them.

Malaysian Police Defaming the Nation

Where is this? A S&M house?
Chinese nationals ordered to do ear-squats by a Malaysian policewoman

No, this is a lockup in a Malaysian district police headquarter. I’ve never thought that this would happen in a so-called “friendly” country like this. Happen it did, to the extreme. I’m not sure about you but I think this had crossed the line, by miles.

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