December 2005

Being my own Mechanic

Just after Christmas, I received a late gift from Santa. The recent weather is so hot that my car engine went on riot – it almost gone over-heated! My wife was driving to work yesterday when she noticed the temperature meter jumped well over the average mark – pretty much on the red line. She pulled by the roadside and called me. Suspecting it was a radiator leak, I grabbed a couple bottles of water and walked 15 minutes to where she is – just in case it’s all empty already.


Leaked radiator hose
The radiator hose on the engine end has a leak and it’s spewing the coolants all over the place. Obviously, the engine has responded to the freaking hot weather of late.

Acquiring the Replacement Part

Initially, we were thinking about getting it fixed in a workshop nearby, but hey, why not do it ourselves and save on those labor charges? which might cost up to 100% more than the replacement part itself!
Toyota Parts outlet in outer Melbourne CBD
So, we went to a Toyota parts and accessories outlet just outside of Melbourne CBD to grab a new radiator hose.

The new radiator hose
The new radiator hose. This is an original part, so it’s exactly the same as the old one. While I was working in a spare parts supply store back in Malaysia, as long as we find a hose that fits the opening size, and looks similar, regardless of the what manufacturers it belongs to, we’ll sell and the workshop mechanics would still accept it – cause they know it works as long as it gets the coolant to where it needs to go. Neat eh?

Total cost is $27.30, including two hose clamps to lock both ends. That wasn’t so bad, the counterfeit one might cost $4-5 cheaper but I won’t spare that amount for reliability.


The faulty one has to go, so…
Removed radiator end.
Losen the clip on the radiator end, pop it out.

Removed the Engine end.
Removed the hose on the engine end. Some remaining coolants splashed out during the removal due to heat-pressure. I didn’t empty the radiator tank because I’ve no time to buy a new coolant just yet.

Pop in the new hose and screw it tight.
Pop in the new radiator hose and screw it tight. Make sure everything is tight and tidy.

A new radiator hose installed.
Whooosahhh! A new radiator hose and the engine gets cooled again.

Before it was fixed this afternoon, I had to drive extra cautiosly to the city to get the replacement hose, monitoring the temperature meter constantly just to prevent it from going overboard. Cause you know, once the engine goes Kaboom! I’ll be wishing for a new car for this coming New Year.

New breed of Lemons and Durians

Who said only China has shitty English? This is Springvale in Melbourne, and the English here is as good as it is in China. Let’s take a look.

Leomon. 4 for $1.
Who wants some leomon? 4 for only 1 dollar! Perhaps a new breed of cheaper lemons huh?

Durain. 199 per kg.
Not into leomons? How bout some durains? This is not D-24 okay, in fact, “Durain” is the latest breed from Thailand, touted to be Durian King of the Kings. See, the “Durains” are so prescious they even tie them with a special plastic-made sack – in Malaysia you got see durian like this or not? In my humble opinion, if tie like that hor, easy to throw at durian thieves and poke them down!

Durians here are imported from Thailand, frozen. Some of them are reasonably ripe and taste pretty good, but some are almost raw. You see, in Thailand, they pick the durians when they’re still raw and then froze them before they’re being flown here to Australia – expecting them to be ripen when they arrive here. Well, some of them didn’t really make it, and you can’t even do that “smell” inspection because they’re all frozen! End up, picking a good durian depends on your luck rather than skills.

Okay, there are no new breeds of leomons or durains. I’m just crapping. Tell me, how good a durian can you get at RM19.90/kg in Malaysia? D-24? D-99? AK-47?

Cute Stamps from Australia Post

Down on the Farm Stamps from Australia Post
This is a booklet of ten 50 cents postal stamps from Australia Post. It looks more like those stickers that comes with the junk food during my good young days – only by this, you could send your love letters!

Stamp items and instructions
No more licking your stamps. Just peel off and stick them on the fly! 50 cents stamps are for postage within Australia.

Every Australian post office are more than just a post office, they’re also stand-alone convenient shops selling everything from stationeries to computer accessories. It’s good when you can generate extra income off that otherwise wasted spaces – where people usually come in, drop mails/pay bills, then go off.

A Letter from Google

Welcome to Google Adsense
This is a letter from Google containing the verifications details to my Adsense account. I’ve been waiting for this for about 5 weeks now despite Google claiming that it’ll arrive within 3 weeks. It’s 2 weeks late alright, but I’m grateful nonetheless that I could finally release my payment now. 5xmom has got her Google cheque, just in time for christmas – more items in the shopping bags! Mine however, will have to wait till the Chinese New Year I suppose.

In my opinion, payment via cheque is a bit slow and we lost a small chunk of money off transaction fees. I wonder if Google will ever implement payments via PayPal? It’s swift and convenient!

Photo of the Day: Dark Mood

Dark mood
I don’t know why, but I like this picture I shot this afternoon outside a cemetary near my place. The foul mood was enhanced through desaturation.

P/s: Busy with life and work. Apology for the current stale mode of this blog.

Christmas Tag

Christmas is near and Wingz didn’t even offer me free vouchers for his rojaks, but instead, he gave me this troublesome tag. Geez.

Well, here’s the instructions I’ve got from him.

State who tagged you:
– List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift);
– State the gift you wish to get;
– Then invite a few friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.

Right on, here we go. I want this person to be my Santa Claus!
Steve Jobs as my Santa Claus
No, this is not Steven Spielberg! The man in the picture is the current CEO of Apple Computer, Inc., Steve Jobs.

I’m eager to make the switch to Apple and I really hoped that my dreams will come true this Christmas. So Jobs, please come to my house and fill up my christmas socks with loads of iPod, shuffles, nanos, and everything in your sack! Please leave the bulky Power Mac G5 and iMac in my living room and that 17-inch display Powerbook on my computer desk.

Oh, and don’t forget about those Apple accessories, too. Well, just put them under the christmas tree, that will do. Ok, that’s all for now. Thank you very much.

Now it’s my turn to tag. My first time tagging peoples, this is so evil. Mm..muaha, muahahahahah!!!

Victim No. 1
WongPK: What do you want for christmas, a digital camera I suppose?

Victim No. 2 – Taken/Not available
JoeC: Argh, I was gonna tag you but you were already victimized by somebody else.

Victim No. 3
Wuching: A domain name and a web host for christmas?

Victim No. 4
Lilian Chan: You’ve got your new digital SLR camera already. Some accessories to addon perhaps?

Victim No. 5
KC Yap: Hey dude, good to hear that you’re alright! Go make some christmas wishes. They might come true ya know! : )

Victim No. 6
Amy: Hey Amy, nice to meet you here. Thanks for visiting my blog but sorry, you’re tagged! Ha Ha! Now go choose your Santa Claus.

That’s all folks! Enjoy your holidays and have a Merry Christmas!

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