January 2006

Just another Day of the Year

When I was a kid, Chinese New Year means a lot to me. I’ll wait 358 days for that one week of holidays, I’ll make sure that I’m well and strong before the Chinese New Year, just to enjoy the feast, the food, the angpows, and the firecrackers, in the biggest festivities of the Chinese calendar.

I missed the time when I can join my group of friends on angpow-hunting row.

I missed the time when I could still receive angpows like a kid.

I missed the time when I can place small bets on a poker game and doesn’t have to worry of my wallet leaking holes.

I missed the time when I can have reunion dinner with my family, even though it’s a simple one.

I missed the smell of the firecrackers, and the noise of it going off.

I missed the time when I could still light them off fearlessly despite the fact that I almost blinded by them (“Chai Lei” exploded in front of me at point blank range!).
Chai Lei
Photo courtesy of Sixthseal.com

What Chinese New Year? This is just another day of my life abroad in Australia.

This is my year! The Dog Year
She must have watched too much kung fu movies last year :/. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!

Off to New Zealand

I’ll be in New Zealand for the Chinese New Year. Will be back on the 28th with promise of more, and more photos. Hopefully I could snap some NZ chicks. Until then, Happy Chinese New Year to you all!

Been a lazy Sunday afternoon for me, hot and dry, and I couldn’t even finish a complete blog post.

Why is it so hot in Melbourne today?

Holy Sheet!
Holy sheet it’s so hot today. Find out why is it so hot in Melbourne today!

Car Talks: Are you talking to me?

Layla Layla.
I’m not sure whether the car owner is a Cantonese, or ‘Layla’ is actually somebody’s name, but this is rather hilarious to me. ‘Layla’ sounded like ‘come lah’ in Cantonese, and if this particular Volkswagen overtakes you, it’ll say, “Lay la, lay la! come and get me! I’m the New Beetle!!”

Exilr8 Honda
How bout this? Ain’t it cool when you overtake someone and this number plate shows up asking you to accelerate! Now that to me, is the call for a challenge. Nice abbreviation there.

See also: Honda cars number plate.

A Compiled Resource for CSS Starters

By reading this compiled resource, I assume that you’ve known how to generate/make web contents – be it a blog on WordPress or Blogspot, or any websites at all, as long as it has content in HTML or XHTML-type documents. Some might think that learning CSS alone will give them power to create beautiful websites. In fact, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is only a simple mechanism for us to add styles to Web documents. It is merely something applied to beautify your web pages. Without learning how to create the web document (content) first, there’s nothing for you to beautify. Simple as that :)

To start off, any beginners who’re seriously interested in CSS should start with CSS lessons at w3Schools. After all, a good foundation will help you go a long way!

After you’ve mastered the basics, you could now start sketching your layout. Decide which type of layout you wanna develop your blog/website into. 2 columns, 3 columns (as 5xmom likes it best), with or without header and footer, fluid or static, etc. Try these repository of ready-made CSS layouts. (codes included!)

CSS Layouts at Glish
Bluerobot CSS Layouts
CSS Pages Layouts at Max Design
A step-by-step chronology of creating a CSS layout.
CSS layout creator – It creates layout for you in a few clicks of options.

Reason why I suggest you guys of using these layout resources is that it saves you time and you can start on its content right-away. Unless you’re creating a website that is really out-of-the-ordinary unique, or you’ve some really fresh new layout idea of your own, most of the websites out there today would just stick to the standard 2 or 3 columns layout.

At this point, you could jump straight CSS tricks and magics. Pixel2Life CSS tutorials has tons of tips and tricks on CSS, with easy-to-follow tutorials for you to learn how to create those wonderful CSS-based designs. You could make use of Max Design’s tutorials to make yourself some CSS-based lists, floating images, and selectors.

That should be enough to help you with your CSS adventure.

I’ve also found a couple of nice resources compiled for you guys at websitetips.com and w3.org. They have everything from head to toe of what you need to know about CSS.

MSN Live Messenger Invitations

Update: Tomas de Aquino (333), Wuching (345), and Che-Cheh (350) has got themselves an invite each for getting the closest result.
Statistics Result
The answer is 287. Thanks for participating! Cheers!

MSN Messenger 8 Invitations
MSN Live Messenger invitations are like rare commodities nowadays and everyone’s seems to be hunting for it. Well, I’ve got only 3 left in my pocket and I’m gonna give them away.

Guess the Number and Win an Invitation

To be fair, I won’t be giving this away free based on the first-come-first-served basis. In fact, I’m gonna let you guys guess the amount for “number of visits” on my websites for today (14th of January, 2005)

Here’s a list of statistics for your reference.
Visitor Stats
Who ever gets the closest number, wins. Get your calculator and shoot now!

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