June 2006

Welcome to St. Joseph High School, Miri.

To the Principal of St. Joseph High School, if your school has gangsterism issues, please admit it and start rectifying it from the root. If you think that they’re only “pray pray”-ing with their sista, then come to me, I’ll play with you.

If you think this is only a joke,

Act No.1
1) KNNCCB, you wanna settle here today issit!?!

Act No.2
2) WHACK!!!

Act No.3

Act No.4

Then, surely, this group of actors can be nominated for Oscar’s Best Actress, Best Costume, Best Group Performance, Best Fight Sequence of all time, and not forgetting you principal, as the best Director.

Welcome to the home of the Oscars. Thank you very much.

Perodua Myvi TRD Bodykit Wanted

My auto accessories shop’s gonna be opened on the 14th of this month, and I’ve got enquiries from my customers about the Toyota Passo equivalent Myvi bodykit. I’ve checked kakimotor and it goes about RM1300 (selling price).
Myvi TRD 2Myvi TRD 2
I might have orders ranging from 3-6 or even more, and if you’re supplying it, please contact me. I’ll use courier service as I’m based in Sarawak.

Announcement on my Alexified Theme

My theme had exceeded the 1000 downloads milestone and my word, I didn’t expect such a turnout really. I had tons of feedbacks and support queries that I just couldn’t answer. That’s my bad. I’ve to apologize for the inability to answer your questions due to the switch of interest/focus lately.

Perhaps someone could takeover the design and its support?

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