I’ve came back to Melbourne for a short period of time to settle my Visa application, which is up to date a frustrating process coz I thought it would had been settled within a few days. Now I’ve to wait till the first working day of July to be able to finalize the Visa. I’ve already been in Australia for 2 weeks now and it’s going for the third. Hopefully everything will move smoothly on the first Monday of July so I can go back again. This is the first time I’ve been away for so long since my marriage. It’s a bit hard for me coz I missed my wife dearly.

Anyway, remember my puppy dog Milo? Well, it’s been a while since I last post photos of her on my blog. She’s now about 7-8 months old. Before I left for Malaysia last March, I gave Milo away to an Australian couple. They first met Milo when they came to our house for an inspection as we’re ending our tenancy at the house and had to let it away. It was love at first sight for them and the lady, Rochelle, asked us if we’re taking Milo away, otherwise they could actually adopt her. Lucky for us, we were actually looking for someone to adopt her as well.

Last week, about 3 months since I gave Milo away, I went to visit her. Milo doesn’t recognize me anymore. She was a bit nervy when approaching me and she would go and hide behind Rochelle. It’s a bit sad for me this but I would totally understand her since it’s been quite a while since she last saw me.

This is Milo, at 7 months old.

Milo's house
This is where she sleeps in.

Milo ready to go out
Milo would crawl into her handy bag everytime when she see it as she loved to go out. They bring Milo around on bikes in this bag.

Milo killed this Dino
Milo would always kill her soft toys. This is her 3rd victim. Previously she had also killed Mickey Mouse.

Lucky Dog Bones for Milo
I’ve to get back Milo’s heart with this one. She doesn’t come to me anymore when I call her. The dog on the pack looks like Chester ain’t it?

At least Milo’s happy with her new owner now, and I can see that they really takes good care of her. Something that I should be happy of, too.