September 2006

Earth for Sale

While approaching the end of the new Miri-Bintulu highway, I saw this notice. It’s right at the junction of the highway and Similajau National Park turn.

Earth for Salein Bintulu
Earth for Sale huh? How much would Earth cost now? How much would you offer if you had the money?

If you wanna buy Earth, just contact Mr. Lee wokay!
Earth For Sale Details
or does he means, soil? or land?

100 Plus

100 Plus stock in my fridge
This is one of my favorite drinks, and they’re my daily solution to thirst as well as energy supplement.

I missed 100 Plus so much when I was in Melbourne last time around coz I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Or I was out of fate? Coz Wuching had found them!

Wuching, 98c is cheap for a can of 100Plus when you’re earning over AUD30/hr, as compared to a can of RM1.50 here with RM30/day salary. But then, if you still think that it’s expensive, you can order from me, coz I stock a lot of them :)

Krispy Kreme @ Fountain Gate

This is Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee in Fountain Gate, Melbourne. Let me tell you, those doughnuts are simply irresistible even though I didn’t get to taste it, but just looking at those pictures and my wife’s expression of it, I bet Homer Simpson would surely die for these.

If you all got the money right, pour some in for this piece of machine. It can make you hundreds of donuts every minutes. In Melbourne, people are queuing up for hours just to get those donuts! and they’re sold for AUD$1.25 PER standard piece of donuts. Special flavored/dressed donuts could be sold up to AUD$1.5 PER piece. Do some simple maths and you’ll know how much you’ll get everyday from sales of these donuts.
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Melbourne

Aight, let’s get down to business. Pictures to prove I’m not bluffing you all.
From dough to half baked.
First of all, the doughs are automagically spreaded and laid out onto the moving belt. Passed through the oven and the top is baked.

Fried bottom
Then hor, the bottoms are being fried over hot oil. You see the three layers there? You actually get three sensation when you’re eating it. The baked, fried, and the soft middle.

Three layered Doughnuts
Here’s another look at it.

After that, those doughnuts were all showered with sugar cream.

Cream coated Doughnuts ready to be served.
Glossily cream coated doughnuts are ready to be served.

Donut girls will pick them up for you, Fresh!
Finally, the donut girls will pick your donuts up, fresh!

5 boxes costs AUD$126.65
My wife and friend together-gether bought 5 dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts, and they cost AUD$126.65!!!!

Go open up a franchise here in Malaysia liao wei!

Maxis Broadband vs. TMnet’s Narrowband

Good news from Maxis as they’re setting up to launch broadband service for residential users.

Good news for us current Streamyx narrowband users, and bad news for TMnut. If they’re yet to improve their tight-ass network infrastructure, come next year, I’m predicting that most, if not all of those techies out there will make the switch. I’m eagerly waiting for their pricings to be released. It’s scheduled on September the 26th.

I was actually wondering, would Maxis be able to break Telekom Malaysia’s telecommunication monopoly in Malaysia? With VoIP, there’s no such need for any land-line anymore, which means Telekom Malaysia might as well let all their copper-cable be cut and stolen, like what it’s happening now here in Sarawak.

Come y’all, let’s make the switch!!

Honda City 2003 Eye Lids

The first time I saw her, I fell in love with her eyes.
Sexy Eyes
Look at that pair of sexy eyes. Anyone knows where I can buy those eye lids? Else, I’ll have to make them myself.

Breathless combination
Those rims are just perfect match for the car. I’ve put that in my shopping list for now.

Honda City Rims

Pictures courtesy of CCR Fiber, Thailand.

Jay Chou’s Next Album

You guys have heard it, not? Jay Chou‘s new album, Still Fantasy. It’s one of the most anticipated album of the year and I bet plenty of you must have got your hands on those early bonus copies yeah? Well, here’s just a lil bit of history of me and my admiration of Jay Chou, until now.

I did not start listening to his music starting from the first album entitled “Jay Chou”, but rather, the second one, “Fantasy”, which is until today still, I considered as his best album, ever, period. In that album, “Simple Love” (Jian Dan Ai), “Unspeakable” (Kai Bu Liao Kou), “An Jing” (Quiet), caught my attention. As all of them portrayed my feelings then. That was when I encountered my first experience of love, which turned out to be a sour one. Jay Chou’s songs accompanied me through that period of disappointment.

In later days, my feelings seemed to be in sync with Jay’s songs in “Ban Dao Tie He” (Ban Dao Tie He), “Back to the Past” (Hui Dao Guo Qu), as my thought of the past appears in my mind.

But crap, I was wondering how Jay got his inspiration to write all those love songs. Sad and joyous ones. That was when I realize that actually, this must have something to do with his girls. I’m pretty fed up actually of his playboy image, changing girls like releasing new albums. Couldn’t blame him though, from those experience is where he’ll get inspiration and ideas for his lyrics.

Starting with Jolin Tsai
Fantasy with Jolin

And then there is “November’s Chopin” with Patty Hou
November's Chopin with Patty Hou

and now this is “Still Fantasy” with S.H.E.‘sHebe
Still Fantasy with Hebe

For the next album, it could be “Play Cyndi” with Cyndi Wang.
Play Cyndi with Cyndi Wang

I’m not sure whether I still liked his music, but they all have been under-par after that multi-platinum “Fantasy” album. Most of his music are a “copy” of his previous albums and bears resemblence of tunes from his previous songs. If you’re observant enough you’ll be able to notice it.

But then again, even if the new albums are mediocre in comparison to his previous ones, there is always someone out there who’ll like his songs like I liked it before.

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