October 2006

DiGi Prepaid Starter Pack

I’m currently a Celcom postpaid user and I’m not really a very heavy user. I only make calls to local (Sarawak) handphones, and sometimes landlines if it’s necessary. Every end of the month is my nightmare. The bills would come and usually Celcom’s envelope is the scariest to be opened. It’ll certain to be in the range of 200-300++. I had the RM80/month package, but despite conserving as much calls as possible, the amount still didn’t drop.

When I saw these ads distributing all over the channels; the newspapers, billboards, TV commercials, English Premier League broadcast sponsorship, it’s basically everywhere!!! I started to wonder, how much did Celcom allocate in my monthly bills to hire those stars?

Celcom English Premier League Stars
What are you looking at? Just talk and pay lahh!!

And then during the Raya holidays, I decided to buy myself a DiGi Prepaid starter pack to give it a try. I bought a RM50 reload card but damn, the FREE 50% extra talk time promotion had gone expired. Gotta wait till my birthday for the next BIG reload. DiGi gives 50% Free when you reload on your birthday, but it’s for registered numbers only though.

My New number
I’ll see if I can save on DiGi.

Alexallied.com hits PR6

After a year and a month, Alexallied.com had finally joined the elites with a PR6 ranking. Million thanks to all of you who had supported and followed my blog all these while. I didn’t know I got PR6-ed until hamsup Wingz taikor told me earlier this afternoon. So I went down to PRChecker.info to do a checkup on my blog, and this showed up.

Alexallied.com is PR6
PR6 ranking revealed courtesy of the free service at PRChecker.info

I know I haven’t been doing much updates since coming back from Melbourne, and yet the PR still racked up. Mostly it’s due to the the popularity of my Alexified™ theme, and a few other blog posts, too. Yet, I’ve to admit I haven’t got the time to improve on my theme. Gotta organize my time more appropriately so I could get my blog back on track again.

By the way wei, you guys wanna get PR6? Try this!
Thank you GravitizerOrgasmmmm!!!
Coz I’ve got my PR6 with the help of this magic stool!!! (Try Google ‘The Gravitizer’) Kakakakakaka. If this magic stool still can’t get you enough orgasm, then it’ll give you more orgasm by giving you PR6!!!

Ok alright, I know the above jokes should belong to Rojaks Daily and Alexallied.com does not endorse nor be responsible for any inconvenience cause. Thank you. Bye.

Honda City Mugen with HID

Been wanting to try out that HID on my City for a long time already, and after a busy day dealing with Hari Raya customers, kanneh, talk about them, they all pocket full full come in and flash out the cash, chrome here and there. Suddenly my green window tint films sell like hot cake, Malays like green color bah. I wonder if red color tint will sell for Chinese New Year or not?

Anyways, back to HID, After installing them, I brought it out for a test run at Bintulu’s one and only 4 star hotel, the ParkCity Everly Hotel. eN, the Bintulu’s Hyundai agent was there as well.

Honda City with HID
We took a lot of of shots but this is the best I’ve got.

The glare
The HID illumination.

One thing about HID is that, it’s so bright that oncoming drivers thought that I’m having my hi-lights on. It’s not only affecting oncoming traffics, but those who’re in front of me. While driving back to Miri for the Raya holidays, almost half of the oncoming cars flashed/hi-lighted me and ALL those who I’ve overtook did that, too.

Gotta adjust the altitude, maybe?

Life in Bintulu

Most of the population in Bintulu are labours and contractors to companies dealing with liquid natural gas, timber, palm oil, and petroleum, while most of the town’s other businesses revolves around these four major industries.

Many come from other cities and states. Ang mohs are plenty here, most of them engineers and executive officers. Sometimes you’ll see ang moh travellers too, I don’t think the town center nor the zoo attracts them here. It’s the Similajau National Park perhaps.
Welcome to Similajau National Park

People here call it Simi Lanciao (Local dialect, Hokkien of ‘What Cock?/Dick?’) National Park. I heard of its Golden Beach is renowned with silky smooth sand, but to see that particular part of the beach, you’ll have to take a 20-30 minutes boat trip. I’ve only been to there once and I was only there to survey the ground for a company BBQ party. They even charge RM10/head as entrance fee. But a friendly ‘runding’ (discussion) with the guard saved me RM10 and I promised him that I’ll be out in 30 minutes. I decided not to have the BBQ there because RM10/head would equal money for our BBQ food.

Bintulu from the sky.

The old town centre, right by the side of the river, where you can find pubs, hotels, the local market. Well, most of the indigenous people hang out here.

The new ParkCity Mall.

ParkCity Mall

New World Mart @ Park City Mall

Park City Mall at the background.

Popular Bookstore inside Park City Mall.

Inside of Park City Mall, Bintulu.

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