November 2006

Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi Triton is the latest buzz here in Bintulu and I suspect the same goes to the whole of Malaysia. I was free enough to approach Mitsubishi Motors to take a closer look at the new car in town. Stevie, their sales rep. was kind enough to invite me to their promotion on the next day to have a go with Thailand’s 2006 Car of the Year.

Front view
As usual, the larger than life Mitsubishi logo, letting you know they’re always around. Stevie is on the left.

Rear view
Triton’s backside.

Steering and dashboard.

Very clean interface.

Digital Display
Digital display of temperature, fuel consumption ratio, speedometer, etc.

Kenwood Player
Comes with Kenwood KDC-MP4033 CD/MP3/WMA player. Nice! Somemore, just in case you wanna change your player in the future, which I don’t think you’ll need to, it’ll fit nicely into the 1 DIN slot where the original player comes. Nowadays new cars comes with players that merge with the cockpit design, so if you wanna change your player to those on the market’s, you’ll have to buy a new cockpit panel.

Finally, word from the consumer’s point of view. I reckon the car is nicely built with outstanding aerodynamic design, the drive was comfortable and less shaky as compared to Toyota’s New Hilux Vigo over rough road condition. Worth buying, but all white colored Triton were all sold out as for now, and I had to wait till February next year for that color.

Fishing at Bintulu’s Tanjung Batu Beach

Sunday was quiet at Bintulu’s light industrial area. Business is slow during the Raya season.
Bintulu's Light Industrial Area


Fast forward to the end of business day.

I felt like going fishing for long time already and today seems like the perfect day to waste all the time fishing. This is my first time fishing out by the sea, so basically I’ve got nothing to fish with. So off we went to Farley to get some fishing materials.

Bintulu's Farley
Farley is LARGEST supermarket in Bintulu. Opened in September this year, they’re about 1/3 of Miri’s Boulevard in terms of shopping area. Sing Kwong‘s gonna be opened soon just opposite of Farley within a month or so. Shopping space is expected to be larger than Farley’s.

Junk Food
I spent about RM80 for all the fishing needs, including Seahawk’s fishing rod, hooks and stuffs, and then some junk foods, of course.

Then off we drove to the beach. We had to walk approximately 200m out to the rocks to find that perfect spot for fishing. On the way, there’s this really good hole for spa, but too bad it’s not hot water.

Spa hole
The spa hole, big enough for two.

We were planning to fish by the sea initially, but end up the waves were to big we had hardly any spot to stand on the rocks. So we dropped our fishing rods and started to fish inside in between the rocks.

Don’t play play, fishing between the rock canals is pretty fun and exciting too, even though the rewards are not as big as fishing off the seaside.
Small Barramundi
Small Barramundi on the hook. Small but satisfying catch.

Small fish but still happy
My technician got a smaller version of my catch.

See or not? Must look the positive way in whatever you do. Even though the fish so small, he’s still able to laugh so happily, cause at the end of the day, small fish is better than no fish, right anot?

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