December 2006

RH Hotel in Sibu

For bookings, please call:

RH Hotel, Sibu (Formerly known as Everly Hotel)
Contact No.: 084-365888

Took a lot of pics of my hometown last time I was back. I took the chance to try out the new 4-star hotel in town, RH Hotel (formerly known as Everly Hotel).

There’s one catch in their sub-level parking area where you’ve to pay RM5 (approximate, forgot the actual price) regardless of whether you’re just trying to enquire about their room rates/availability, or just there to take a piss. Many other hotels, or shopping complexes allow a 10-15 minutes free parking threshold for customers who’re just there for some quick business. I wouldn’t be down at the parking lot if there’s enough parking space up there, there just ain’t any left as the hotel is build around a crowded zone of the town. Heck, or else you think Rimbunan Hijau built this hotel for free?

Double Bed
Double Deluxe.

First thing I’ll check upon entering any hotel rooms I reside is the bathroom. I reckon a good clean bathroom represents the overall cleanliness and standards of the entire hotel. This bathroom is spacy and comfy.

Basically, my room is at the very corner of the hotel facing The Sanyan Tower, which means, I have a 180 degree view of Sibu town.
Sibu Town Square and Rejang River
To the right is the view of Malaysia’s largest town square – the Sibu Town Square. You can also see Malaysia’s longest river powered by Teh-C Peng (Iced Milk Tea).

Public Bank, Sanyan Tower and a church
Center is the view of the Sanyan Tower on the right hand side, while the Public Bank Tower and Fu Yuan Methodist Church is the visible landmark here.

Hotels and old shops
Pan a lil’ bit to the left and you’ll see almost all of Sibu’s hotels, plus clusters of old shops. Most of the shops are there since World War 2, I guess?

HSBC and Esso
This is possibly the oldest surviving petrol station in Sibu. My parents used to re-fuel here when I was young, but the town had now expanded far beyond the center and more of fuel stations were built nearer to each of their respective community. Anyone still using Esso nowadays? Not much I guess.

I’ll be back in Sibu on New Year’s eve and New Year’s day. Catch up with me if you wish. See you there and Happy New Year!

Mira Vigo L500

Bintulu’s auto show will be held on the Christmas eve and Christmas this year. There’ll be plenty of competitors from around the state, but due to time constraint, my shop won’t be participating this event. Nevertheless, every accessories/mod shop sure benefit from this kinda event. My strobe lights and car paint are selling better.

There’s this guy from San Dao fibreworks (Bintulu) who bought a used Mira L500 and had its headlamps converted into Hilux Vigo’s. He brought the car in for some major wiring work, what we do best.
Mira Vigo

Mira Vigo from the Side
Wide body

Mira L500 Engine
The engine – it’s all messed up and no doubt thorough cleaning is required before it’s showcase in the show. Installed the blow off valve to give the engine the perfect farting sound.

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