Boost Juice Bars was founded by this lady called Janine Allis. She thought Australia lacked the opportunity of a quick and healthy food or drinks. Australians are a health conscious bunch of people, however, they are always on the rush and had little time for a real fresh, nutritional supplementary drink.

Boost Juice Bars
The Boost Juice Bars brand name. Healthy-looking colors.

Boost Juice Bars at 189 Bourke St.
This is a Boost Juice Bars at Bourke St., Melbourne.

Boost Juice Bars beside McDonald's
This particular store is situation right next to McDonald’s, just to remind you to flush your intestines with healthy fruit juice after that high calory/cholesterol meal.

Queue at Boost Juice Bars
Regardless of the time or weather, there’s always a queue for the healthy juice.

Why we like Boost Juice?
Here’s why they’re queuing up for a Boost Juice.

Boost Juice Bars International Franchising Opportunities
So now you know, people all over the world are focusing on healthy food. This is a pretty good opportunity to bring in an uprising International brand to your respective country. For more information, please visit the Boost Juice website.

P/s: This is NOT a sponsored post. Thank you very much.