May 2007

Steamed Chicken Rice in Bintulu

If you love steamed chicken rice, you would love the chicken at Xin Fu Li Yuan Cafe here in Bintulu.

Ever since the first time we tasted their chicken rice here about 6 months ago, we’ve been coming back time after time.

They even provide free delivery at lunch time every working day, straight to our premise!
Berjaya Commercial Centre
The shop is located at Berjaya Commercial Centre, where the popular Li Hua Hotel is. In fact, the cafe is only one block away from the hotel.

Sing Hock Lee Huong Cafe
The “cafe”, with some old, classic furnishings.

Steamed Chicken Rice
RM11 for 3x steamed chicken and 2x rice. RM2.80 for 2x Barley Ice. Reasonably priced.

Steamed chicken rice, best when served chilled. Secret to its tastiness is their sauce. It tastes like soy sauce plus sesame oil, but there’s a lil bit more to that and I’m still I’m figuring what they actually put in their sauce.

Guy caught dating with hot chick

This must be the sexiest, most chun hot chick we’ll ever see in our life time. Undoubtedly Miss World material.

Hot Chick 1
“Hi there lovely”

“Huh? Eh, why you taking our pics?! Never see lengzai lenglui izzit?”

Click “Continue Reading” to reveal who’s the leng lui. Must be the hottest, most femes female blogger!

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