July 2007

Welcome to China, Can I have 10 Yuan please?

This is a hotel located within the hottest shopping precinct in downtown Guangzhou. Although I’ve never had the chance to step inside, but from the look of it, it should have a rating of 3 stars, or 4, at least.
Tian Yu Hotel

And boy, do they have the best hotel door-greeter standing by for them or what?
Greetings at Tian Yu Hotel

Welcome to Tian Yu Hotel, can I have 10 Yuan? I’m starving to death!! please…

If you haven’t noticed, there’s an old man to the far right, believed to be her husband. This is a very sad scene. Proves that the margin between the rich and the poor have stretched far beyond control.

China uses Honda City as their Police car

Honda City Police Car
This is a picture I took during my trip to China last month. While back in Malaysia, many of us dreamt of owning one of these cars. But in China, they use them as police car.

Life’s like that.

DOTA Videos: Mingkai’s Lonely Pudge

This is Mingkai‘s (the friendly host) first DOTA video. I was in the game playing Venomancer. There were some pretty simple hooks, as you all may notice, and a super lucky blind hook that got Sniper by surprised, he even claimed that mingkai was maphacking.

Well, do enjoy the music if you don’t like the hooks! XD

Fat ass will release his second video real soon. Watch this space!

Dota AllStars: The Pudge, The Techie, and the Obsidian Destroyer

I’ve been indulged in this game for the last 2 months. Almost every night from 9pm to 12am. The last time I played Dota like that was about 1 1/2 year ago when I was in Melbourne. That time was even worse, could play until 4a.m.!!! Dota is a very, very good time-waster/passer, whichever you like it, and it’s bad for me. It’s bad for your relationships and your job if you can’t master your time well. Because every Dota game lasts approximately 1 hour, and you can’t get enough from just 1 game, you might need to play 2-3 games in a row to get satisfied. So please, don’t get addicted. XD

Now back in Malaysia, one day my hand got itchy again and I went on and installed The Frozen Throne, downloaded the noob pack from Blueserver, and logon to Battlenet, GG. I got addicted again. Thanks to this fat ass host (he likes to use Pudge, hence the “fat ass”) by the name of mingkai.

I’ve played in a few games hosted by him before I added him in my friend list. I found him a very nice host and never flames, unlike some noob hosts. I’ve also made other new friends through the host. Bobbydrake (a long time pal of mingkai) the pro techie, when I say pro, I mean it. Will post replays of his plays in the near future. Others includes K2-vocal (Faceless Void, Tiny), Funpower (Pro Nightstalker, Bloodseeker, Faceless Void, Anti-Mage), aced, alvin24(Moon Rider). Those guys are always there in the team.

Razor, the lightning revenantSandkingVenomancerSniper, the riflemanRhasta, the shadow shamanObsidian DestroyerDrow Rangermore to come…
For a noob like me, I’ve always played AP games, and the hero that I know how to use, Rhasta, Sniper, Razor, Sandking, Drow, Venomancer, Chaos Knight, and the latest one, Obsidian Destroyer. Rhasta, Veno and OD, Razor are the heroes that I’m most confident playing with. Bobby would scold me for feeding every time I play, Funpower would question my nooby decision to play “taufu” (tofu-like, meaning low hp) heroes.

To all of you who plays dota, Welcome to my world of Dota. GL HF.

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