August 2007

DOTA Videos: Pudge Hooks by MingKAI

His videos skillz are improving day by day, better use of music and editting. Not to mention his hooking skills too! A great hooker in the making, err, I mean, in terms of DOTA.

Enjoy the video and please finish it, my Obsidian Destroyer’s in it too!

Free Bird Anyone?

Free Bird anyone?

Zhi You Niao
This is an apparel/fashion brand in China. Don’t ask me why the weird name, but I think maybe they’re selling men’s underwear and they want their kuku to be free?

By the way, talking about ‘kuku’, Wee Meng Chee (Namewee) had apologized over his ‘Negarakuku’ video clip.

“The controversy has taught me a lesson in nationalism and race relations. To end the controversy, I have decided to pull out the videoclip from my blog and I hope other bloggers would stop distributing the videoclip,” Namewee said.

(Psst, Go to YouTube and search for ‘Negarakuku’, it’s still there.)

I thought his video voices out the truth about the Malaysian government, and I thought he would stood tough by his stance, but the apology is all but an anti-climax to his reputation that he has built on. Anyhow, at least we know we have an artist with the caliber to challenge the likes of MC Hot Dog and the Snopp Doggs and hey, who let the dogs out, anyway?

MingKai’s Lonely Pudge #2

It’s getting harder and harder to get a good DOTA game nowadays in Blueserver. I don’t know man, but I think leavers sucks to the max. They give lame excuses such as,

“My mom scold already. bb”

“I got school tomorrow and it’s getting late. Good nite. GG.”


and then “Xxx has left the game”. GG. Worst thing is they leave when you’re owning. So anti-climaxingly sien.

Another thing is that the server suffers severe lagness that you can’t even start a game, where the room get stuck over and over again. It usually happens when there are approx. 5,000 players online. This is very, very frustrating when you’re a host. Players tend to come in the room, and left during a countdown, and that’s it. GG to your room. If it’s the problem on the server side, please rectify the problem soon! MegaBlue, I hope you read this mate.

Anyway, this is the 2nd production of MingKai’s Lonely Pudge series. With more hooks and kills, including Bobbydrake’s trademark “TTK” – Techie’s Triple Kill. Hopefully the host won’t forget to include my Obsidian Destroyer’s Triple Kills in his next release.

Here goes. Have fun watching fat ass hooking!

Pong’s Cafe Miri

This is probably the best price-by-portion Western/Eastern fusion restaurant in Miri. Although their waiters/waitresses looks like those from the old kopitiam’s, but their food is well above my expectation.

Pong's Cafe's Counter
This is their counter, with bamboo fish traps hanging from the top. It’s said that if you place those near your counter, it’ll trap fortunes. Hmm, should I try that for my shop?

No fancy menu here, just plain handwriting, neat and readable.

Steak Menu
Check out their prices for steaks!! For the same price or so, I get only half the quantity elsewhere. Mixed grill is a combination of 3 steaks, namely lamb, beef and chicken, and the portion is enough for a couple! Believe me, you don’t wanna go there and order 2 plates of those if you’re dining out with your partner. Unless you’re a really big eater.

Fried Rice with Mayonnaise chicken
My meal of the night, I had fried rice + fried chicken cutlets coated with mayonnaise. The photo might seem a little small here, but believe me, it’s much bigger.

Mixed Steak
This is the ultimate plate. 3 pieces of steaks for RM16.90! Eat all you can with this plate.

If you’re really, really hungry next time, do pay this cafe (restaurant) a visit! Everything is XXL-sized. If you’ve ever dined in angmoh (Caucasian) countries, this is the closest you can get here in Miri, by quantity. Most importantly, their food tastes good. I’ll come back again for sure.

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