September 2007

Sex Really, Really Sells.

Sex sells. Everyone knows that. But this afternoon while I was uploading photos of this particular girl to my Flickr…
Leah Dizon on Acura RSX
Leah Dizon with an Acura RSX

Suddenly my Yahoo! Mail notifier on my Firefox browser went kaboom!!!! I went on and checked it out. They were all notices from FlickrMail.
Flickr Mail messages
I’ve lots of friends on my Flickr now! All hamsup “gwai lous” I think.

They’ve all added me because I’ve got Leah Dizon on my albums!

Then, out of all the friends add notices, there’s one with “Hii..” that caught my attention. I opened it…
Hamsup Gwai Lou
“u r cuuuTe”, “i liked u”

For one moment, someone thought I’m the real Leah Dizon!!! OMGWTFMP3!

Afterwards, I went on to check his profile and photos and I found out that he’s a….
Terrorist on the Lose
Terrorist!!!!!! Don’t believe me? Go see his album!!

So, here’s my reply to him…
Reply to VIP
“Sorry, but I don’t like terrorists”


But really man, sex really sells because of those horny terrorists who’re so naive, thinking that they can get chicks over Flickr or Friendster. Dude, get a life!

The London Eye

As promised before, here’s the London Eye’s photo that I’ve taken during our honeymoon back in 2005.

The London Eye
The London Eye, one of the biggest ferris wheel in the world, is undoubtedly the must visit tourist spot in London.

Going down the Moselle Valley and Have a Gute Fahrt!

Halfway down the country roads of the German-Luxembourg border, as we’re heading down to the Moselle valley in Trittenheim, Germany, we were a little low on fuel. Lucky that we found a mini gas station along the way.


What do you need? Super Diesel, Benzin, or Super unleaded?

It only costs Euro 1.179 per litre. How much is it in Malaysia? RM1.91?

We at the ED Fuel station would like to wish you guys a “Good Fart”! and please come back again.


Try Google Translate and translate it from German to English. :D

Welcome to London

“Selamat Datang ke London Heathrow Airport.” It’s 6 in the morning and totally jet-lagged!
Part of London Heathrow Airport
Part of London Heathrow Airport
London Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world. From what I saw, there’s an average of 1 commercial aircraft landing per minute. That pretty much means back to back, non-stop flights coming in. If you’re good at maths and economics, you can calculate the number of tourists coming in and the amount of money they’re gonna spend here. Tourism is a huge business in this part of the world!

Touch Down in London

Touching down at London's Heathrow Airport
Watch out for the next post as we touch down in London’s Heathrow Airport!

and don’t get your eyes off cause I’ll be taking you for a ride inside the London Eye! Stay tuned!
Inside the London Eye

Honda City 3G vs. 4G: Bodykit Comparison

If you’re looking for the answer whether the 4th generation City (2003 model) bodykit or carbon fiber hood would fit into the 3rd generation’s, here’s the comparison photo to clear the “maybe’s” and “should be’s”.

Click for larger photo.
Left circle indicates the difference in the shape of the hood. 2003 model has a straight line down towards the end while the 2006 had a small curve to allow room for the headlamp.

Right circle indicates the difference in the height of the arch. 4G has slightly taller arch than the 3G’s.

I’ve actually asked my bodykit supplier, who’s the middleman and not the manufacturer, the same question, and this is what I got in his reply.

Yes, it should fit because the way I see it, there’s not much difference between 2003 and 2006.

Yeah right. And then I’ve go on and asked a Lelong seller who sells the same exact bodykit. The answer is still the same.

It “should” fit.

I’ve to make this comparison photo just to show them that they’re not of the same shape and it doesn’t fit. Some of the nicer bodykits are only available for Honda City 4G. So I’ve to wait until they create a mould for 3G models. By the way, will have a new bodykit for my City before the end of the year. The current Mugen style is kinda out-dated already :/

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