October 2007

Hari Raya in Brunei

I took a massive 3 days off last week and went back to Miri for the Hari Raya holidays. I had the chance to visit Brunei to check out the sports rims there. Will be getting them at the end of this year.

While approaching the Brunei Sultan’s Palace, we spotted these crowds along the stretch of the palace roads. The palace is open for public visitation every year during the Hari Raya season. During the visit, you get to shake hands with the Sultan himself and grab a free goodie pack, along with some hot food served on the spot – if you’re willing to wait on the queue.

A little traffic jam here.

The palace entrance.

Visitation hour is over and the crowd comes out of the palace.

I wonder how he managed to get so many of those goodie packs. I thought there’s only 1 for each person? By the way, those goodie packs are actually filled with food.

And then, there’s more people with goodie packs.

Everyone has it, little ones, old ones.

Goodie packs for the whole family.

Those who didn’t get it were left dejected and sitting by the roadside.

The chick in pink got a goodie pack too!!!!

Alright, enough of those goodie packs, I’ll show you some nice rims in the next post.

周杰伦 牛仔很忙 Jay Chou On the Run

I was like What the F**k when I first heard it. 牛仔很忙 is totally not what I would expect from Jay Chou. But like most of his songs, it’ll get better after a few times, after you’ve understood his lyrics.

There you go, take a listen to his new song, the American cowboy themed – 牛仔很忙.

Jay Chou on the Run

Price Increase on Domain names

Now, I’m USD1.04 poorer each year paying domain names charges, and that’s just the price of one. I had about 5 of them. Too bad I didn’t renew for 10 years last time when it’s cheaper.

Namecheap had increased their price from USD8.88 to USD9.29, whereas their competitor Godaddy had it selling at USD9.99, it was USD8.95.

In April 2007, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved certain domain registries to increase their prices. Domain registries are the private companies which manage the registration, technical operations, and control the allocation policies of the TLD’s for which they are responsible.

Domain registries VeriSign(.com, .net tld’s), Afilias(.info tld), Neulevel(.biz tld) and Public Interest Registry(.org tld) applied for and received price increases and have announced they will be raising their wholesale prices to all registrars including us.

In light of that decision, NameCheap.com will be adjusting its pricing on Sunday, October 14, 2007 as follows:

.com domain renewals, transfers and new registrations: Old pricing $8.88, new pricing $9.29 per year
.net domain renewals, transfers and new registrations: Old pricing $8.88, new pricing $9.29 per year
.org domain renewals, transfers and new registrations: Old pricing $8.88, new pricing $9.29 per year
.info domain renewals, transfers and new registrations: Old pricing $8.88, new pricing $9.29 per year
.biz domain renewals, transfers and new registrations: Old pricing $8.88, new pricing $9.29 per year

I think this is not triggered by the recent oil price increase, is it no?

Consequence of too much DOTA

You know, if I were still a secondary school student, I think I’m pretty much gamed for playing too much DOTA. I would be proud to be able to name every single heroes in the DOTA game (89 of them) than remembering the states of Malaysia (13, or was it 12?). I’m proud that I knew every single hiding spots in the DOTA map, rather than locating each of the states of Malaysia correctly.

This is the consequence of playing too much DOTA. In an exam, students were asked to determine the opposite of the words given, and here’s the result.
Opposite of Pro? Noob. LMAO. Even the teacher doesn’t know what noob is. Check Wikipedia please.

Play against me and my teammates in channel ‘PUI’ in Blueserver from 8 to 12am. Chanlilian, please ask your boy join :P.

Pimp My Ride

Today, I’m gonna show you, how to pimp your ride in under 50 bucks. The following are the main ingredients and tools that you’ll need for the mod.

2 paper tape, 2 brown packing tape, some empty boxes, a roll of aluminum foil (check if your mom has it in her kitchen), 2 Milo tins, a pair of scissors, a marker pen, and lots of glue.

All the steps are not shown cause the result pictures would be self-explanatory and easy to follow. If you still don’t know how to do it, please send your car to me and I’ll do it for 50 bucks.

Look carefully at every aspect of the car cause that what we’ll be modding throughout this guide.

Bursa Pursuit: Day 4 – Silver-WA

Day 3 ended with most counters seeing red as investors were going after some profit taking activities. Panic ran through most of the players as the US markets were down overnight. Hang Seng and Nikkei were down too as a result of profit taking. Those who bought into the plunge takes profit at the end of the day.

Anyone foresee Silver Bird flying high today? Silver Bird Group Berhad’s warrant (Silver-WA) being the most active stock of the day.

These are the counters that made me money today.
JAKS went on and closed on a high of 1.130. I bought it at 0.985 and sold it at 1.047. Netting a profit of 0.062 for each share. Total change of the day was 0.110.

KUB Malaysia Berhad (KUB). Bought at 0.955 and sold for 0.977. Making a profit of 0.022 per share. Total change of the day was 0.03.

Yesterday saw BJcorp being the most traded counter with 940,113 shares changing hand and up 85cent. Today, BJCorp started with a high flyer and then stabilizes through the afternoon and ending high at 0.79. Profited a chunk with a couple of big buys over the 2 days.

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