November 2007

My Honda City’s New Paint Job

White is the new Black.

I really like the City in its original Black Hawk Night Pearl’s color, but it’ll get all the “spider-webs” the first time it got out of any car wash after polish/wax, even if I wash it super-carefully.

Due to its dark color, the “web” appears pretty obviously under the sunshine.

Honda City body
All doors and bonnets are removed to enable the hidden space to be sprayed.

The Engine Bay
The engine bay. Wirings and coverings are moved aside for the spray job.

Close up of the new paint
The new paint is a 2 layer paint consisting of white-color as the basecoat and the bluish silver white pearl as the top coat.

Rear boot
Backside also kena sprayed!

Doors and Bonnets
Separated doors and bonnets.

Alarm Siren
Took a shot of this little annoying siren. It’s not something that I can see everyday. The siren is hidden somewhere to prevent car burglars from easily disabling it. Unlike those “P” and “P” cars where you could stop the alarm sounding within 5 seconds by opening up the bonnet and cut off the wire cause the siren is basically right in front of you, on the wall in front of your dashboard.

Honda City custom bumper
Honda City’s custom front bumper. Design by CCR Fiber, Thailand.

Inside the cockpit
All the seats and carpets were removed too. 0-gauge wire looped around the steering.

Expected delivery date. November 14th, 2007.

My new 22” Widescreen LCD Monitor

I’ve got an early present and it’s a freaking 22″ wide screen LCD monitor. WOOT! Although it’s a bit early, but this pretty much a surprise for me. Psst, it’s on November 16th okay.
Inside the package is an Acer 22″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

My blog looks thin on the widescreen.

Take a closer look.

My 2nd ever DOTA game on the new monitor. Now I won’t miss a missing hero coming towards me! The red dot will be smacking right on my face within my 10cm radius!! And also, I’ll be able to kill better thanks to the huge clickable area LOL. Owned with OD 20-3 btw. :D

Fedex delivers UPS

Of all the Fedex vs. UPS commercials and advertisements, this must one of the best, if not the greatest. UPS is pretty much owned! Beat that UPS, I wanna see how you response to that.
UPS in a Fedex
Now the secrets are solved on why UPS performs pretty much on par with FedEx eh?

Miri Rave Party Countdown 2008

This is the first ever rave party in Miri and it falls on the 2008 new year eve countdown. So if you’re a party people, get your head down to the Miri Indoor stadium and rave non stop!!! Ticket information is after the poster.
What’s that? 2008 New Year Rave Party Countdown
Who did this? The Youth Group, Krokop, Miri.
Where’s it? Miri Indoor Stadium
Who’s coming?
DJ Outlaw – DJ Outlaw Productions

7 Sparkz – KL’s Top Shuffle Team.

How do I join?
Get tickets from Alex @ 014 699 5898. Early birds tickets priced at RM50 RM35. So hurry!

This event is organized by The Youth Group, RT Krokop.

Packing and Moving, again

It’s never ending for me. I’ve been moving since I’ve got independent from my parents. Sibu, KL, Miri, Melbourne, Bintulu, and now I’m going back to Miri again. Officially moving on the 18th of November.

My shop is damn messy now. We’ve been packing and disassembling display racks for a week or so now. And here’s our result.

Stuffed the walkway.

Disassembled racks.

Somemore racks left. All the stocks are in the boxes now.

Blurry pics yeah, but don’t complaint. If you’ve move all those boxes then you’ll know how shaky your hands can be. Oh, by the way, my car is in the workshop now for a new paint job. Should be out real soon within the next week. Will have pictures up again.

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