January 2008

Michael Jackson in India

Warning: This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Also, kids below 18 are to be advised to go and feed in DOTA or finish your homework.

If you’re working in a company with a Chinese supervisor or boss, please don’t play this video.

I salute the person who’re able to spot this video as well as giving such a fantastic Mandarin subtitle to the song. Now I understand why I would spend my afternoon nap watching Bollywood films on RTM 2 when I was still in secondary school.

If your mom ask you where you’ve learnt all your foul words from, say it’s from RTM 2’s Bollywood film.

Note: I’m currently in Sibu for a short break. If you’re free please call me for a cup of tea. Will be back in Miri on Saturday.

Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search Bloopers

I got a call about a week ago from an anonymous lady who identified herself as an representative from the Malaysian “Usage” (she pronounced “Youth Search” that way) committee.

“Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search is the hunt for websites, portals and even blogs with the ability to generate income and influence communities with an innovative factor.” – YouthMalaysia.com

The conversation goes like this.

Her: Hello, is this Ling Zi Neng?

Me: Yeah, speaking, who’s this?

Her: I’m from the Malaysian Usage committee…

Me: Huh? Sorry?

Her: I’m from the Malaysian Usage committee…

Me: (Alright, what are you up to? What sort of usage information are you trying to gather?) Ohh okay, what’s up?

Her: Did you put up a banner on your website?

Me: (Not knowing they’re from the M’sian Youth Search, I didn’t know what banner is she referring to) What banner? On which website? I’ve got several websites, you know…

Her: Errr, you hold on ah. (Her voice on the background, covering the mic while speaking Mandarin: Ta jiang shen me website? (He asked me which website?) Her friend: Nehh, na ge alexallied.com ahh)

Her: Erm, that alexallied.com, did you put our banner there?

Me: Ni jiang Hua Yu ma? Wo kan ni hai shi jiang Hua Yu bahh (Do you speak Mandarin? I think we better speak Mandarin)

Her: Hahaha…*LOL LMAO* (laughters with her colleague at the background).

We then conversed in Mandarin as following.

Me: (Now that I’ve realized it’s Malaysian Youth search…) Ohh, that banner! You guys stated in the registration process that you’ll send me an e-mail with the code in it. But I haven’t got it and it’s been 2 weeks now.

Her: Okay, I’ll ask them to send you the e-mail again. But nevermind, are you free next week?

Me: Erm, I’m not in KL woh…

Her: It’s okay, it’s on the 18th of January, we got this Awards Ceremony in PWTC, can you come? We just wanna know if you’re coming…

Me: I’m in Sarawak woh, how to go?

Her: …. erm…na mei guang xi la (It’s okay then)…bye.

Me: …(wtf?)

I thought that was a really time wasting conversation and I felt disheartened by how she ends the conversation.

Nevermind that conversation, but I think she forgot to send me the e-mail with the banner codes. Now if you read this, please send me the code? Ohh, I forgot, the award ceremony’s on this coming Friday, and the voting process is over!

Nevermind that code now, but I’ve got this stupid mass e-mail that invites me to the Award ceremony (again?), with all the participants’ e-mail address, too!!
Mass E-mail contacts
They’ve actually forgot to put these contacts in the BCC column, which reveals all the e-mail address to all the recipients, which resulted in this…

Malaysian Youth Search spam
Hit that “Reply to All” button and my mailbox is full with a truckload of junk mail from naughty bloggers/participants. Advertisements, junks, etc, rubbish talk, gg.

We’ve all got an apology e-mail from the Organizers, but sometimes, mistakes done are irreversible. Thanks for giving out our contacts to potential spammers, FREE of charge. I wonder if they got a privacy policy stating that they won’t give out our contacts to any third party? Cause we may charge them to court for this. LOL.

Nevermind the spam e-mails, let’s hope there are no bloopers during the Award ceremony, and it looks like Paul Tan’s the hottest candidate to win the award. Good luck you guys! :D

Advertlets, what the *toot* are you up to?

How many of us would let our own domain name go expired if we still have interest and actively involved in it? What if tomorrow, Google.com goes expired? What about the prospect of Microsoft.com going expired? That should be one hell of a joke no doubt, should be a cyber-squatter’s ultimate dream. Not trying to exaggerate matters here, but Advertlets had done what no other successful business had done so far, having their domain name going expired, while still at it.

Advertlets.com expired
It’s not that the expired domain name issue that’s got onto my nerves, nor the money that I’ve earned over the last 6 months that has left remaining unpaid (a pity RM70 more or less), in fact I’ve never gotten any payments from Advertlets. But the stupid redirection to an parking page really annoys me. It’s been like 3-4 days without any Google earnings because of the redirection, traffic’s gone, reader’s gone, is Advertlet’s going, too?

I haven’t heard any official statement from the company yet on their exact grounds. What’s really going on inside Advertlets? Speak up please, Josh Lim.

For those of you who’re having the same redirection problem, please remove all Advertlets ads code, that should save your blog/site being redirected to some shitty spam ads site. Until then, good luck Advertlets, I know you need them.

Chilli Pan Mee in Blueserver

This conversation took place on November 10th in Blueserver’s channel ‘Pui’, where me and my clan would meet up every night at 8 and pawn some noobs, or vice versa – get pawned by noobs.

On that evening, Mingkai and Bobby felt the itchiness to take on the ultimate chili pan mee challenge.

Later that night before our games, this is what they’ve said in the channel.

Mingkai's Ass is Burning
ROFLMAO. Serve you right!!! for all the ks you’ve done!

Mingkai Lao sai
Bobby had a sorethroat and a bad flu afterwards, thus taking lemons, while Mingkai had a bad time in the toilet with his shit smelling like chillis.

This is yet another boring post brought to you by Alexallied.com. XD.

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