March 2008

Foochow Association Gathering at Eastwood Valley

Tonight, a record of approx. 7,000 Foochows from around the country, and representatives from around the World attended the massive gathering here at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club, Miri.

This will be in tomorrow’s papers with BIG BIG headlines, as it did last time around in November, 2007, where 6,000 of them turned up.

Dinner on the Lake
Lakeside view.

Lake side view. Misty colors.
Misty colors.

Lakeside view
Another view.

Jam Packed
Jam-packed dinner hall.

Nah, for those of you who wanna kepo-kepo, busybody wanna know which femes people attended the partay, here’s a full list of them.

Starting with the heavy-weight one first.
Veli Veli Important Punya. Most names are heavy weights in local politic scene, most of them wins in their seats in the latest election, thus the party I guess? Two of the richest man in Sarawak, Rimbunan Hijau’s chairman is in it, Shin Yang’s chairman also in it. Brunei, Australia, and New Zealand also sent their representatives. Haven’t seen any from the US and UK yet though.

VIP Women
Veli Important Punya Women. Must be proud of those capable women. Geng!

Wrigley’s Eclipse Mints

I fell in love with these mints when I was on a trip to China. I was coughing badly during that time and that’s when my brother in law gave me these. Those mints clears my throat and I was coughing less. Now, I’ll bring it whenever I’m out.
Wrigley's Eclipse Mints
My hallmark of Eclipse mints. The green spearmint flavored mints are my favorite. Though it tastes like Colgate to me.

Prices of these mints differs by where they’re being sold. In huge supermarket, where they can control their prices by ordering bulk, you get cheaper price. Boulevard Hypermarket in Miri are selling them at RM4.20, that’s the cheapest I could find. The Permaisuri pharmacy right outside of the supermarket is selling them for RM5.50. Stark contrast between prices within such a close proximity.


se·rene /səˈrin/
1. calm, peaceful, or tranquil; unruffled.

Country view. Photo taken from a cottage house in Trittenheim, Germany. This is what I call, serene, pretty much in demand right now in my life.

Love shape vineyard
and a love-shaped vineyard on the opposite. Tranquility.

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