April 2008

Random Shots: Evening Sky

Not very clear, but at least you know, it’s there.

Date: March 21, 2008.
Time: 7:02pm.

Guava Flavored Yogurt Drink

This is the drink of the day. Nestle’s Bliss Yogurt Drink – Guava flavored. I’m a big fan of guava myself, especially when dipped in sour plum powder. But I’ve never tried yogurt with guava dipped in before. I happen to pass by GK Mini Market at Pujut 3 tonight, I saw this and bought it back home.

Nestle Bliss Yogurt Drink
Bliss Yogurt Drink from Nestle. Good for your digestive system.

Guava Yogurt Drink
with Live Cultures, and guava flavored!

GK Mini Market Price
Price? RM5.50 at GK Mini Market, Miri. A lil’ bit expensive, but, drinking it once in a blue moon won’t hurt the wallet too much. 久久一次, taste even better!

The taste? Tasted like guava juice with a hint of yogurt. Simple as that.

Alright, good night everyone!

Dunhill’s My Mixture No.33

Long long time ago, well, that’s about 100 years ago, Alfred Dunhill kept a book of different, unique cigarette mixtures requested by individual customers. I was like, Wow, during that time the cigarette business was so one-on-one and personal type that if it was done today, it’ll be unimaginable.

Nowadays everything have to move fast and so comes commercialization. There’s no time to cater your personal needs anymore. Everyone smoke the same type of ciggies, use the same type of shampoo, toothbrush, cars, shoes, etc. Who cares what blend you want? Just smoke original, Light, or Menthol lah! But Dunhill decided to bring those special blends back in their Limited Edition release.

My Mixture No.33
A rich blend with a taste mellowed by exotic Bahia tobacco. Inspired by a recipe rediscovered by in our historic “My Mixture” books.

Opening up
Vintage-style cigarette box format. Covered with a layer of aluminum foil to seal-in freshness.

Revealing the cigarettes
Removing the foil and revealing the cigarettes inside.

A close up
A close-up of the Mixture No.33.

Dunhill Top Leaf

I still remember back then during year 2000 or so, when the English Premier League matches were broadcasted on TV2, it was sponsored by Dunhill. Before and after the matches, and during intervals too, there’ll always be this “Gaya, Mutu, Keunggulan/Style, Quality, Excellence” commercial breaks by Dunhill. Kinda annoying la really, but without them, I won’t be able to get free EPL matches on TV! That’s why I love them. LOL!

Dunhill Open Box
Opening up the ammo barrels.

2 Barrels of Ammo
2 Barrels of Ammo. 20 bullets.

The bullet
The bullets.

Close-up of the Bullet.
A close-up of the bullets. With top leaf imprints.

Load’em up, put it on your mouth and shoot yourself dead, with these fine-ass cigarettes.

Only the finest Virginia top leaf tabacco makes it into each and every cigarettes in this packet. Talk about perfection, this is Dunhill’s philosophy. No one is perfect in this world, but being a perfectionist doesn’t mean the person is perfect, but they always seek perfection in everything they do.

Btw, smoking is bad for health, mmkay?

Eclipse Mints Cinnamon Flavor

Of all the Eclipse mints I’ve tried, I have yet to see this in Malaysia before. I got it via someone who’s recently came back from a vacation in Taiwan. Lots of nice food to try, and nice scenery to see in Taiwan.

Eclipse Mints Cinnamon Flavor
Happy Pills anyone?

This is special, as in its packaging and the flavor. But it taste somewhat weird. End up I didn’t manage to finish even a single mint. It tastes like, erm, Cinnamon, with a twist of, erm, weird taste. For those who dares finish it, I’ll reward you – with another piece of the same mint. LOL!!

Come and grab one from me. The mints looks like Happy pills to me, don’t you think?

I Kill You!

This should be my favorite Youtube video clips of the year. I personally like the phrase, “I Kill You!” cause it’s short, significant, striking, and straight to the point. Forget the perfect grammar, he conveyed his message well.

I bring you, Ackhmed, the Dead Suicide Bomber. Played by Jeff Dunham. Enjoy the clip, fellas, and good nite to you!

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