June 2008

Gecko says Hello World

Hello World! It’s been a long time…

This little gecko came to say hello a couple of days ago in my shop. The eggs were found in the fluorescent light’s housing.


I’m not sure about you guys, but I’ve been seeing this pattern way too often lately, it’s more than just a coincidence. I’ve realized this about a year ago, and I’ve since searching for articles related to 11:11. And the studies explained that 11:11 is a sign or message sent by God/Angel/Spirits to acknowledge of you of their existence. I think I believed in it! Call me a psycho!!

Call 1111
Call 1111 from your mobile to check A/C number. Can I call 1111 and reach you?

I’ve seen 11:11am, and 11:11pm today. I did not purposely wait for 11:11am/pm to come, but rather, just coincidentally while I was checking my phone, or looked at the taskbar’s clock, it just happened to be, one one, one one. One!!!!!11111oneoneonesatusatu.

And then there’s 4 ringgit change left on my desktop, and it forms 1, 1, 1, 1.

If that’s not often enough, I’ve saw a car with registration no. xxx 1111 this afternoon. Great. Spirits are calling me. So, what say you? Can buy TOTO or not? 1111 BIG RM100 for tomorrow?

On the other hand, I’m gonna complain TMnut for its stupid downtime during the nights.
DSL Down
This is my DSL status as of just now. It’s been really unstable of late, the DSL connection will be down around 10:30 or 11 for approx. 10-15 minutes, which is pretty frustrating when something important is going on. Would kill the modem for the Telco’s fault.

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Jay Chou – Jie Kou

A nice song, but the MV is totally out of the subject. A rock band, a European girl (not sweet at all), and some really dodgy locations as scenes.

I think I should try to make a better MV with this song :) Anyway, the lyrics is nice though. Enjoy the song!

翻著我們的照片 想念若隱若現
Flipping through our photographs, thoughts of [you] are visible yet invisible

去年的冬天 我們笑得很甜
Last year’s winter, we laughed very sweetly

看著妳哭泣的臉, 對著我說再見
Watching your tearstained face, telling me goodbye

來不及聽見 妳已走得很遠
[I] have yet to hear it when you’ve already walked so far

也許妳已經放棄我 也許已經很難回頭
Perhaps you have already given up on me, perhaps it is already very difficult to turn back

我知道是自己錯過 請再給我一個理由說妳不愛我
I know it’s all my fault, please give me another reason, say you don’t love me

就算是我不懂 能不能原諒我
Even if I don’t understand, can [you] forgive me?

Please don’t use parting (breakup) as your request

我知道堅持要走 是妳受傷的藉口
I know wanting to go is your wound’s excuse

請妳回頭 我會陪妳一直走到最後
[Can] you please turn back, I will accompany you until the very end

就算沒有結果 我也能夠承受
Even if there is no conclusion, I can still endure

我知道妳的痛 是我給的承諾
I know your pain is the promise I gave

妳說給過我縱容 沉默是因為包容
You said [you] gave me tolerance, and silence was because of acceptance

如果要走 請妳記得我 如果難過 請妳忘了我
If [you] want to go, please remember me, if [you] feel sad, please forget me

Kokoberry in Delta Mall, Sibu

For the first time ever, Siburians can now enjoy Kokoberry drinks, without having to drive 6 hours from Sibu to Miri. By the way, fuel ain’t cheap nowadays. And if you’re asking, YES! That’s the famous brand from Miri! How good is that?

Thanks to Goolooloo lao ban niang who brought this brand over to Sibu. They serve over 100 types of beverages and you can conveniently get different kinds of junk food at their counter. Chupa Chup lollipop is one of them.

It’s now opened at Delta Mall and it’s strategically located at the left entrance. You won’t miss it, it’s just around the corner!

This is the feedback from the customers. Gabriel, Mary and Kelvin. You see their expression already know, so happy. No cheat you one! No try Kokoberry don’t tell people you’ve been to Sibu la! In fact, if you’ve tried the Kokoberry here, then you can tell people that you’ve been to Miri already! No kidding man!

Indulge yourself with the new Crepes. A type of crunchy and delicious thin pancake stuffed with either chocolate chips, Hazelnuts, or Peanuts. It’s your call! And it’s only RM2.80! Eh, the picture looks like ice cream in a cone hor? But it’s not. Go see the real thing. LOL!

Okay, say much useless, just go to Kokoberry Sibu and tell them Alexallied.com intro you guys go there. You’ll get FREE coupons!

Get 2nd cup at 99sen.Only valid for Pearl Milk Tea, Pearl Green Tea, Yoghurt Snow, Strawberry Ice Q, and Ice Cappuccino only. Offers valid until 13th June, 2008.

How to get the Free Coupon?

It’s easy. Just approach their counter. Mention “Alexallied.com” to get the free coupon. And if they ask you for the passcode, it’s “Goolooloo”.

I no bluff you all one. Just go to their counter and say “I wanna use Alexallied.com punya coupons.” No actual coupons needed. Save the papers, save the world!

Enjoy your coupon!

Parking Lines

Had been busy getting the farking line..ops, I mean, parking lines drawn. Please excuse me but I haven’t been sleeping well lately, maybe the RM2.70/litre petrol is giving me a nightmare? or was it something else?

Anyway, here’s a couple of pics taken yesterday.
Parking Lines
A close up of the parking lines. Out of focus is the can of paint I’ve used to draw the lines, and at the background is the Shell petrol station. Not a very straight line towards the end, maybe my GPS coordinating sytem wasn’t functioning well.

Dark Clouds over Me
Dark clouds all over the sky. Maybe that’s the reason why my GPS wasn’t functioning.

That was yesterday. The weather has been better today and my lines are straight now. Will continue the other half tomorrow. Should be 3 more days to completion.

Everyone’s blogging about that Magic RM2.70

So I’m not gonna write anything. For all those that I’ve wanted to say are already being spit out by the bloggers across Malaysia. I’m just gonna wait and see the ripples and after effects of the hike. At the mean time,

Happy RM2.7/litre everyone!

Enjoy it while it lasts, cause you’ll never know when the next hike will come.

Fuelling a horse
This is the future of transportation. The new Ferrari prototype. Runs on grasses and oxygen. No fuel required. Maintenance free. Rising prices and depleting resources will bring us back to the time where it all began – The Stone Age.

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