A couple of days ago, a police car stopped by in front of the shop, stopping a white Myvi parked right outside of the premise. It was heavily tinted, and the number plates were made of chrome numberings. Obviously, the car has no way whatsoever to escape a fine…

Not unless you offer the officer(s) a cup of Starbucks Coffee, err, Setarbak Kopi in this case. He’ll close his summon books and act as if he had been flashed by the Neuralyzer from the movie MIB.
Setarbak Kopi, best in Miri and Sibu, some say in KK oso best!

Oh, just in case you don’t know, this is the Neuralyzer. Erases memory in a flash. Sadly, it’s only available in the Sci-Fi movie Men In Black.

*FYI: The white Honda EK was safe from all the coffee splashes going on outside the shop. There were like 3-4 cups of coffees being served before it started to rain and they all have to call it a day. For the officers, it was enough to buy a few packets of stenched subsidized rice from BERNAS and add a few km of mileage to their Wiras or Kancils at home.

Enjoy your Setarbak Kopi officers!