November 2008

World’s Oldest Toilet

How many of you still use this type of toilets for day-to-day nature-call business? I bet none. But it happens that I was visiting a sawmill at the other side of the river in Sibu and dang! Nature calls me at the wrong time. Normally I would choose to hold until I get a proper toilet, but this time, it’s the I.C.U calling, so I had no choice.

Toilet in the Jungle
Talk about an environmental friendly toilet, how friendlier can it get? Even the plants love it!

Toilet hole
This is how it look inside. No flushing system, no lights, no locks, only a sliding door to cover myself, and a pail of water for me to flush my shit down. You gotta fetch the water from the riverside.

Toilet hole close-up
This is a close-up of the shit hole. So where do the shit go? Take a look at the first picture and you’ll have a wild guess. *Hint: Look at how lush the green plantations are.

Sorry for those of you who’re dining while looking at this, must be a yucky experience!

Show off your Desktop setup

Ever wonder how other people’s desktop look like? At Deskography, users from all around the world share pictures of their desktops, either at home, or at work. Share your own desktop and let people comment at it!


The following are some of the desktops being shown on

Pretty impressive aren’t they?

The Siam Paragon Cineplex Triplets

Captured this photo out of coincidence during my last trip to Bangkok.

Taken in the Siam Paragon’s 6-star Cineplex. I call it “The Paragon Cineplex Triplets”.
The Paragon Cineplex Triplets

There was initially 2 small guys sitting on each side of the 3 chairs. Moments later, a big guy talking on the phone approached and occupied the chair in between and started spinning around. I had to wait for the perfect moment to capture them all aligned in one direction.

1901 Hot Dog on Air Asia

A lot of us tends to get hungry while flying on board, especially the long-haul flights to international destinations. So this smart CEO of AirAsia knew this could be yet another way to net in more profits, following many additional charges that were already implemented.

The free tickets or low-fares were actually meant for those really, really, early birds who can get them. For those who’re late, they might be paying at normal fares, or sometimes even extra to get a ticket. You do the math, when you span average the total fees collected, they pretty much got it covered and then earning some.

Anyway, today, we’re looking at this very hot franchise brand in Malaysia, it’s franchises are spreading nationwide that even Sibu has it! Ya, Sibu. It’s weird because there aren’t much Siburian who’ll fork out premium price to savor just a piece of ordinary chicken sausage wrapped in the middle of a long bun with sesame on top of it. So much so that they even had a franchise opened up in the air, thanks to Air Asia.

But there’s consequences with opening so many branches and having the ingredients rushed through the catering deck. This is my experience of having the 1901 on AirAsia.

The hotdog in a box
The hotdog arrived pretty promptly after the order in a nicely packaged paper container.

Hotdog wrapped. Seasonings provided.
Wrapped and microwaved hotdog. Seasonings and sauces are readily provided at self-service.

Buns and hotdog
The wrinkled buns and hot dog. Very disappointing.

Spreading chili sauce and mayonnaise
Spreading the chilli sauce and mayonnaise over the sausage.

Plain hotdog
There you have it. A plain hotdog with chilli and mayonnaise. That would be RM8(?) sir. WTF?

Lousy 1901 hotdog
Thumbs down for the hotdog. Ask your kid to spot the difference between the leaftlet and the real hot dog. What’s missing?

Being ripped off here.

On board Air Asia

No Smoking
Please be reminded that this is a non-smoking flight. Smoking in the toilet will trigger the alarm.

Busy Stewardess selling merchandise
Air stewardess busy selling foods and merchandises.

Color spectrum
Color spectrum.

Nasi Lemak Pak Nasir
The famous Pak Nasir’s nasi lemak. Tasted so-so.

Eye Glass frame
Man talk. Frame of an eye-glass.

Do Not Walk Outside This Area
It says on the wing, “Do Not Walk Outside This Area”. Yeah, we know, but we can’t even get outside when the plane is flying! How do you expect us to walk that area?

Pssst…It’s meant for the engineers lah!

Red tip
Tip of the Wing through the window. Eye-catching red.

Full wing
The full-span Wing.

Malaysian Chinese Education is going Nowhere

Namewee’s recent production of “Teacher Hew’s ABC Lesson” and the song “你的英文太爛” – Your English Sucks, portrays the real situation of Chinese education here in Malaysia.

Chinese high schools in Malaysia aren’t really supported by the government, apart from MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association). Many were shut down due to poor response. Independent high schools promoting Chinese education during the intake season, carrying the slogan of “Keeping the 5000-year-old Chinese culture alive”, but I think that’s merely to attract students to keep their book balanced. They get lucky if they recruit children from super rich families, where the parents will inject thick donations every year.

Namewee claimed that the Chinese education system in Malaysia doesn’t have a unified system, where we started in primary school using Chinese as the medium, Bahasa Melayu in secondary school, and then English in the college or university. Meaning that we’ve to start all over again in each level of education trying to understand what’s being taught. Instead of absorbing the lesson, students are busy flipping dictionaries, or searching for definitions in their digital dictionary, (e.g. Besta) for the meaning of each and every English words. I’ve seen many examples myself during my college years. Why are they so desperate? They’ve no choice really. Companies only accept employees who knows English. So die die must get in local college to learn English.

Even if you started in a Chinese primary school, went to an independent Chinese high school, but at the end of the day, when you graduate from the high school, where can you go? There’s no such thing as a Chinese college or University in the country. End up, you either have to go abroad to Taiwan or China, or get into a local college and try to stay alive using Besta, or you give up and be a China-man.

Alright, cut the crap and get to the videos. Parents watching these videos are advised to be accompanied by children. Strictly Not for Adults over 18. VSFW material ahead.

Teacher Hew’s ABC Lesson – Part 1

Teacher Hew’s ABC Lesson – Part 2

你的英文太爛 – Your English Sucks

“This song is dedicated to the incompetent Malaysian Education Minister.” – Namewee.

A Malaysian Diaspora speaks up….

I am a female Chinese Malaysian, living in the Washington DC area in the United States .. I have read many of the letters that often talk about foreign countries when the writers have no real knowledge of actually living in those countries.

Many draw conclusions about what those countries are like after hearing it from someone else or by reading and hearing about them in the media or after four years in a college town in those countries.

I finished STPM with outstanding results from the prestigious St George’s Girls School in Penang . Did I get a university place from the Malaysian government? Nothing. With near perfect scores, I had nothing, while my Malay friends were getting offers to go overseas.

Even those with 2As got into university. I was so depressed. I was my parents last hope for getting the family out of poverty and at 18, I thought I had failed my parents. Today, I understand it was the Malaysian Government that had failed me and my family because of its discriminatory policies.

Fortunately, I did not give up and immediately did research at the Malaysian American Commission on Education Exchange (MACEE) to find a university in the US that would accept me and provide all the finances. My family and friends thought I was crazy, being the youngest of nine children of a very poor carpenter. Anything that required a fee was out of our reach.

Based on merit and my extracurricular activities of community service in secondary school, I received full tuition scholarship, work study, and grants to cover the four years at a highly competitive US university.

Often, I took 21 credits each semester, 15 credits each term while working 20 hours each week and maintaining a 3.5 CGPA. A couple of semesters, I also received division scholarships and worked as a TA (teaching assistant) on top of everything else.

For the work study, I worked as a custodian (yes, cleaning toilets), carpet layer, computer lab assistant, grounds keeping, librarian, painter, tour guide, etc. If you understand the US credit system, you will understand this is a heavy load.

Why did I do it? This is because I learnt as a young child from my parents that hard work is an opportunity, to give my best in everything, and to take pride in the work I do.. I walked away with a double major and a minor with honours but most of all a great lesson in humility and a great respect for those who are forced to labour in so-called `blue collar’ positions.

Those of you who think you know all about Australia , US, or the West, think again. Unless you have really lived in these countries, I.e. paid a mortgage, paid taxes, taken part in elections, you do not understand the level of commitment and hard work it takes to be successful in these countries, not just for immigrants but for people who have lived here for generations.

These people are where they are today because of hard work. (Of course, I am not saying everyone in the US is hardworking. There is always the lazy lot which lives off of someone else’s hard work. Fortunately, they are the minority.)

Every single person, anywhere, should have the opportunity to succeed if they want to put in the effort and be accountable for their own actions. In the end, they should be able to reap what they sow.

It is bearable that opportunities are limited depending on how well-off financially one’s family is but when higher education opportunities are race-based, like it is in Malaysia ; it is downright cruel for those who see education as the only way out of poverty.

If you want to say discrimination is here in the US , yes, of course it is. Can you name a country where it doesn’t happen? But let me tell you one thing – if you go looking for it, you will find it. But in Malaysia , you don’t have to go look for it because it seeks you out, slaps you in your face every which way you turn, and is sanctioned by law!

Here in the US , my children have the same opportunity to go to school and learn just like their black, white, and immigrant friends. At school, they eat the same food, play the same games, are taught the same classes and when they are 18, they will still have the same opportunities.

Why would I want to bring my children back to Malaysia ? So they can suffer the state-sanctioned discrimination as the non-Malays have for over 30 years?

As for being a slave in the foreign country, I am a happy ‘slave’ earning a good income as an IT project manager. I work five days a week; can talk bad about the president when I want to; argue about politics, race and religion openly; gather with more than 50 friends and family when I want (no permit needed) and I don’t worry about the police pulling me over because they say I ran the light when I didn’t.

Sekian, terima kasih. 谢谢观光。

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