January 2009

Maybank2U Fraud E-mail

Fraudsters are distributing fraudulent e-mails around and they’re poised to steal/hi-jack your Maybank2u account login details. So, to those naive, non-tech-savvy users, be extra careful when you’re reading your mail.

This fraudulent e-mail made it into my Yahoo! mailbox. They even bought a domain name similar to M2U’s. Fresh Internet users woulda been conned into that plot.

When you receive e-mails such as these…

1. Don’t ever trust those e-mails asking you to login from the link they provided.
2. Access to the website of your bank by typing in the URL directly.
3. Most common frauds target login details of PayPal, Google Adsense, Maybank2U and other banking accounts. Many have been conned and their account stripped bare. So watch out for those e-mails, NEVER login via the links they provided.

They load the real Maybank2u account login interface and mask the trap over it. Users then assume it’s the real thing and key in their username and password. The details are then logged and in a matter of a few minutes, your savings are gone. Sounds unbelievable but there are people who really get conned by this sort of mails, no kidding.

There are also lots of e-mail telling you that you’ve won a million dollar jackpot. Some of them are very convincing. There’s one time that I really bought a jackpot online from a specific country, and the e-mail they sent was also from that country, it’s a struck of luck that these people eventually get you by coincidence. The e-mail arrived like 1 year after I bought the jackpot ticket, so, rational judgment quickly tells you that if I’ve won, I woulda got the email long ago. And I have a collection of all those million dollar jackpots and those Nigerian fund transfer scams with totals up to billions, if those were real. I would be sitting here giving thousand dollar angpows like water already.

Stay smart and stay conscious online. Beware of those cons. Don’t play play, there are people who had already really fell for those.

Sibu Chinese New Year and Floods

It’s the first day of Chinese New Year and worshippers flocked to Sibu’s Tua Pek Kong temple to wish for a good and prosperous year ahead. The rain didn’t stop them coming.

Sibu Tua Pek Kong Pagoda
Sibu’s Tua Pek Kong Temple Pagoda. At full glory.

Sibu Tua Pek Kong Pagoda
Chinese New Year lanterns and decorations at Sibu’s Tua Pek Kong temple.

Sibu Chinese New Year 2009 Fireworks

Update: Psst…I accept PayPal Angpow! Please send them to alexallied@yahoo.com. Thank you very much! XD.

Sibu, the official supplier of fireworks during Chinese New Year for the entire state of Sarawak. We export to cities like Miri, Bintulu, and Kuching. Some say as far as Pontianak, I don’t know how true is that, but I’ll update that once I get it confirmed.

It’s pass 12 and it’s officially the year of the Ox, some say cow. But whatever it is, take out those ammos from your arsenal and light the fuse!!!

Sibu is notoriously popular for its arrays of fireworks shows during the Chinese New Year that residence from nearby towns flock to Sibu just to watch the show, and then go back afterwards.

Most of them came back to Sibu for the Chinese New Year because their parents or their hometown is here. Mind you most of the people in other parts of Malaysia or the world were originated from Sibu.

Sibu ‘mata’ either goes to sleep early, or join and watch the beautiful fireworks with their kids and wife at home. Ini majiam baru best! Despite all those bans imposed by governments, fireworks are still abundant in this part of the world.

Alright, I sign off first, who so free go and blog during war time one, I better go throw some more bombs, kalah teruk dy my base.

The rain keeps coming this year, the rain is getting heavier and potong stim the war. War ended in less than half an hour. What a turn off! Geez. I remember when I was a kid, it would last until 2am in the morning!!!!

Sibu Blogger Meet Pre-CNY Eve 2009

It’s the time of the year again, where the bloggers from all across Sarawak gathers and meet in Sibu. This time around we have bloggers coming from Miri and Sarikei. So it’s considered the biggest get together of Sibu bloggers in 2009. Hoping for more to come!

Bloggers who attended: Philip Hii, James Wong, Victor Kiu, Beng Beng, Bongkersz, Suituapui, WongPK, Alex Allied, Will Chua, and Phyllis.

Philip and James Wong
Philip Hii, the professional photographer, and James Wong from Miri. He was explaining to everybody why it’s not worthy to make your own pork buns. While you can get a good tasting pork buns from the market, why waste the time and energy to make one? You have a point there James, you should know that by Philips’ expression, priceless.

Bongkersz and Suituapui
Bongkersz drive allllll the way from Sarikei to join this meet. Took him only 45 minutes now with the new bridge in place. Suituapui my secondary school teacher was also there. The black splash stains on his cloth were result of him garaging his own car. Right Mr. Wee?

Philip with his Big Equipment
Philip showing off his big equipment. He got the longest equipment among all of us, the lense ok, the lense.

Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Saying goodbye to 2008, year of the mouse, which is also my Chinese zodiac, and welcoming the year of the Ox, some say cow, so, Welcome to the Moo Moo Land everybody! More Moooolah for everybody this year!

It’s been a very wet new year so far, raining non-stop, dark clouds all over, flash floods, pot holes on the road, landslides blocking highways, it’s not been a good start to the year here in Sarawak, but nevertheless, keep thinking positive and be optimistic, things will be better. Be grateful of what you have and stop bemoaning of what you don’t have, count the blessings and you’ll found that you’re far better off than those in Gaza and Zimbabwe.

Chinese New Year is not just about big angpows or small angpows, it’s about family reunions and get together. I’ve got my early “angpow” this year from my special one. Here are the content. Thank you baby ;)

Ang Pow Mari! What’s in the container?

Home-made Pineapple cookies! My favorite cookies!

Kuih Makmur. I wonder if Chan Lilian baked them already. Oi Lilian, this is how the Kuih Makmur here looks liked! RM18/pack.

Home-made seaweed + Kulit popiah.

Very crunchy stuffs. Nice finger food for the guests.

A big angpow with love. Take a wild guess what’s inside?

Last but not least, thanks to Bongkersz for the special delivery, the package arrived safely amidst all your adventurous journey back home! Surely a valuable experience for you. Make sure you pump your tank full full before going on a long journey next time!

Have a safe journey home everyone and Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Looking for Job?

Boss, what do you think of them? Can hire?

WongPK, Will Chua and I were having our supper at Sibu’s Farley Food Court yesterday and this notice on the beam took most of the focus out of that picture. It says “The food stall is urgently in need of waiters/waitresses. Please contact the stall owner.” So I’m indirectly helping the stall in looking for workers on the Internet.

For those who’re interested, please submit your resume, errr, I mean, approach the stall management at Farley’s Food Court situated at Jalan Salim, just a few blocks behind Farley Supermarket.

WongPK and Will Chua didn’t submit their resume because one is a web designer and the other one a programmer.

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