February 2009

Valentine’s Day is …

Today is Valentine’s Day. So I’m gonna write a little something about today. Well, we all know that Valentine’s Day is all about showing love, but the gesture does not necessarily be restricted to only Valentine’s Day, does it? We can show our love anytime, any day of the year.

Colorful flowers. Have you ever wondered why flowers were cheaper when it’s not Valentine’s Day? Because there’s no people, if any, celebrate Valentine’s Day on the other 364 days. Do it on other days at your will, set your own Valentine’s Day even!

For me, this is love, in my own way…

Watching The Island on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here already, have you bought your flowers and chocolates yet? Couples, don’t go dating tomorrow without your couple tees! You can get them from Prettylicious remember? Last minute purchase/pick up can be made at Blue Cube, Level 2 Boulevard.

The Island movie DVD
It’s just a typical day for me, nothing to do during Valentine’s, but then I’ve bought myself “The Island” DVD to watch. ;)

For those who’re in love, Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all!

Drug Trafficking in Malaysia

25 years ago, a twin was born. 25 years later, they’re both hit by the recession and are jobless. They both came back to their hometown of Sibu and started conversing in a kopitiam near Oya Road Lane 13.

Raw Opium. Carrying this drug carries a death sentence in Malaysia.

Twin Brother A: Eh bro, nowadays sibeh jialat leh, I loss my job in Kuching. Western Digital fired me ledi. Eh, how’s your job ah?
Twin Brother B: Pattern Gigital? Similan company is that? My job sibeh eng, everyday collect money oni.
Twin Brother A: Collect money? Who owe you money you need to collect?
Twin Brother B: See who owe la. Bank borrow money to people, we also borrow money to people. We can approve instantly, bank cannot. That’s why, people like us very much!
Twin Brother A: Wahseh, like that, got kangtao for me or not? I also want to collect money leh.
Twin Brother B: Brother, not everyone can collect money one leh, you see yourself. Hair so fluffy, use gel like no need money. Wear spec like office boy, body no tattoo, face no scar. People where got scare?

But I hear say lately got one very good job position, newly opened one. Only twins like us can apply!

Twin Brother A: Fuiyoh, what job only twin can apply? Good pay or not one?
Twin Brother B: Job very easy oni and damn good pay you know. You want in or not?
Twin Brother A: What job first?

Twin Brother B: Drug trafficking. Guarantee safe as long as you arrive together with me when I deliver the drugs! You scare issit? Don’t worry one! Nah, you read this news first…

Malaysian identical twin brothers have escaped hanging for drug trafficking as a court failed to decide which brother was the criminal, and cleared both.

A judge in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, said the case was unique and she could not send the wrong person to his death.

In 2003 police arrested one brother found driving drugs to a house. The second twin arrived soon afterwards and was also arrested.

Neither officers nor a DNA test could identify which twin owned the drugs.

Sathis and Sabarish Raj, 27, cried in court when they heard the judge say that the prosecution had failed to prove which twin had been arrested first with a car containing 166kg of cannabis and almost 2kg of raw opium.

According to the New Straits Times, the judge told the court: “I can’t be calling the wrong twin to enter his defence. I can’t be sending the wrong person to the gallows.”

Execution is mandatory for convicted drugs traffickers in Malaysia.

– News from the BBC.co.uk

Twin Brother A: Eh, where to apply for the job ah?

Sibu Underwater: Episode 2009

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. As we countdown to Chap Goh Mei, The 15th night, the end of the Chinese New Year festivity, we’re also counting down to the highest king tide of this year, on that same night. This is going to be an exciting end to the festival.

In conjunction with the Chap Goh Mei countdown, we’re going to countdown from Oya Road Lane 13, all the to Oya Road Lane 7 and then to Jalan Hua Kiew to check out the flood situation there. So here goes.
Oya Road Lane 13
Oya Road Lane 13.

Valentine’s Day Couple T-shirt

Update: Currently out of Stock. Will be available again in 2011’s Valentine’s Day.

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