March 2009

Say NO to

Guess what? Your once favorite Malaysian blog aggregator Project Petaling Street is no longer liberal. What is liberal you may ask? Liberalization is something that allows you to speak and voice up freely. Freedom of Speech so to speak.

The (PPS) is no longer under liberal hands. It’s been snatched up by Malaysian blogosphere’s most hated (or maybe the world over?) Islamic fascist. He instilled so much hatred that even his Muslim counterparts were against his pathetic ideology.

This is the ugly face of the most evil wicked Muslim in Malaysia.
This is the ugly face of the most evil wicked Muslim in Malaysia.
quote Galadriel from

Do you want him to be your leader of the Malaysian blogosphere?

Don’t let yourself be a tool (fool) of his wicked attempt to wipe out the freedom of speech through the wide publicity of PPS. This is pretty much the same tactic as how the Malaysian government bans and filters out blogs, and give out warnings and advice not to read blogs, and prosecute RPK for speaking the truth, and so on. If you were given a chance to vote for a leader to represent the Malaysian blogosphere, I hope he’s not the one you’ll choose. So please, for the freedom of speech, vote against him, remove yourself from automatically pinging PPS.

Top bloggers who expresses their voice of freedom in their blog posts were banned indifinitely from the aggregator, so who’s next? It might be you. I know I can’t ping the PPS for quite some time already and I don’t know why, my enquiry e-mails were all one way communication, without reply from the management, which I doubt there is.

P/s: What’s good about it? It’s never been updated nor upgraded, the theme were from the dinosaur age in terms of Internet time. I wonder why would there still be people coming back to read blogs at such a dull, two-toned webpage. The initial management team had all gone off the radar and the past glory no longer shines.

There are always alternatives when it comes to traffic drawing. There’s Nuffnang’s Innit,, etc.

Spread the words my fellow bloggers. Boycott PPS.

The 11:11 Coincidence

While I was about to hit the “Publish” button for my “Lamborghini Bangkok” post yesterday night, my WordPress editor suddenly saved a draft for me on the moment I hit publish.

It’s suppose to be a normal routine and nothing more but a mundane post about a super car displayed in Bangkok’s most luxurious shopping complex. But the coincidence that the number appeared right at the moment I hit the “Publish” button, and the usually not-so-important draft time that managed to catch my attention, really in itself deserves a dedicated post.

I said, “Thank God! This will be my blog material for tomorrow.”, after repeatedly hitting the “Print screen” button before the screen refreshes itself and clears the number.

11:11:11pm. How often can you get that?

Back in June 11, 2008, I wrote a similar post regarding the 11:11 coincidence. Yesterday, I’ve hit the jackpot with 3 straight 11s.

Believe it or not? People around the world believes that seeing this sort of number means that the spiritual guardians from the “Midway” are trying to communicate with them.

Google 11:11 and find out.

Lamborghini Bangkok

This is the Lamborghini concept store in one of Bangkok’s most luxurious shopping complex, the Siam Paragon.

Welcome to Lamborghini Bangkok
Welcome to the Lamborghini store. What would you like like to buy today?

Kaya Toast in Miri

Breakfast and tea time outlets are popping up everywhere in West Malaysia and it’s just a matter of time this culture hits the shore of Sarawak.

Kaya Toast is a local, brand new, breakfast concept shop originated from the capital Kuching. It now has stores spreading all across the vast state, including 2 in Miri, and another one in Bintulu.

Kaya Toast Premise
This is the outlet in Miri’s CBD.

Toyota Alphard 2009

This is something that will make everyone turn their heads when it hits the road in Malaysia.

Totoya Alphard 2009 Headlamp
The new Toyota Alphard 2009. When Toyota says it’s new, they really mean it’s new. The design, the engine, and everything inside-out. Not some face-lift shit that Proton claimed as “new”, e.g. the Proton Waja and Proton Chancellor. A new car? Hell NO!

Sibu’s Famous Tiong Hua Road Kompia

Apart from the annual flood, Sibu’s Tiong Hua Road has other hidden treasures for travellers to discover. Just ask any Siburian about the direction to Tiong Hua Road’s kompia house, I’m sure you’ll have the answer.

Tiong Hua Road
Don’t worry, it only floods during the Chinese New Year.

I Love Mobile - Mobile Phone Accessories store

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New Honda City 2010 Concept Mod

Lamborghini Bangkok

Toyota Alphard 2009

Miri Jazz Festival 2008

Kuching Open Air Market Food

Kuching River Boat Ride

Bangkok Suk 11 Hostel

Sibu Flood: CNY 2009

Sibu's Famous Tiong Hua Road Kompia

Sibu's Famous Dian Bian Hu

RH Hotel, Sibu