April 2009

Sibu’s Famous Diang Miang Ngu

Apart from its kampua and kompia, there’s another thing Sibu is famous for, the Diang Miang Ngu. Specifically, it’s Chop Hing Huong’s Dian Bian Hu.

“Diang Miang Ngu”(鼎边糊, similar to Taiwan’s 鼎边銼)- a savoury soup is available at many stalls as a late night supper. A popular joint is in an alleyway by Jalan Blacksmith.

– Wikipedia

Mary’s in town and she had been wanting to taste the Diang Miang Ngu for quite some time now, we both headed downtown to hunt for the classic food of Sibu.

Chop Hing Huong
This is Chop Hing Huong. I think it’s over 50 years old. Who can give me an exact age of how old this business is? Not many people know its name, but most people will refer it to as the “Little Alleyway’s Diang Miang Ngu shop”.

Sibu Kompia @ Taman Muhibbah

Sibu is where the kampua and kompia originated from. Over the decades, the title of the “Best Kompia” had always been in the hands of the auntie at Tiong Hua Road, but in the last decade or so, at Taman Muhibbah, there’s this uncle by the name of Ah Kuok, came up with his own recipe of kompia and it’s attracting kompia lovers from all over the state.

“Kom Biang” (光饼)- a Foochow delicacy made with flour, baked in an oven and eaten either with or without meat and a special gravy. It is somewhat similar to a bagel. However, it can be either in a crisp or soft version. Nice soft kompia dipped in pork sauce can be sought from Tiong Hua road and the Sunday Market at Pedada road.

– Wikipedia

Ah Kuok Kompia
This is the Ah Kuok kompia stall. You can’t miss it once you’ve stepped into Taman Muhibbah food court (just a few blocks beside Delta Mall), with his signature “KL Twin Tower” replica. He claimed that the towers “construction” costs him about RM800+. He draws the idea with his visits to KL some time ago, and came back to built this model for his own shop. Very patriotic of him!

Pizza Hut Sibu

Mary was in town for the Ching Ming festival, I wonder if it’s right to classified it as ‘festival’ since no one is actually celebrating it. Moods were mostly subdued with thoughts of their loved ones from the other part of the world.

Anyway, whenever we meet, food is the top agenda. Pizza Hut is one of our targets this time. I don’t really fancy pizzas, but I really loved their onion bread and roasted chicken wings! It’s been a very long time since I last stepped into Sibu’s Pizza Hut, a lot has changed.

Nowadays we don’t get to scoop our own mushroom soup, everything is brought to your table. Cutleries, food, soup, bills, etc. Back then, it was mostly self-service, even when it comes to payment. But now, you’ll just have to diam diam sit down, eat, pay, stand up, pat your ass and walk away.

We order the stuff-crust seafood pizza set deal that comes standard with the Pepsi drink and the Onion bread.

The Onion Bread
The onion bread.

The Roasted Chicken Wings
We side-ordered the roasted chicken wings. A must have for any visits to Pizza Hut!

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