July 2009

AirAsia Cancels Flight, the Ah Beng way

This is an e-mail I’ve received from AirAsia just a moment ago.

Dear Valued Guest,

AirAsia regrets to advise that our flight AK 6083, scheduled to depart from Kota Kinabalu(BKI) to Sibu (SBW) on 26thoctober09 unfortunately has been totaly CANCEL.

Should you require further assistance, or if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call center 03-217192222/03-217193333 or log on to our website at www.airasia.com. We appreciate your understanding of our position in this matter and hope your future flights with us will be pleasant and problem free.

Yours sincerely,
AirAsia Bhd

First of all, what a shame on their web notification department. Take a look at their e-mail.

“26thoctober09″ – What is that? Your keyboard’s space bar broken?
“totaly CANCEL.” – Spelling and grammatical error – Should be “totally cancelled.”

So which Ah Beng or Ah Lian were hired to write this e-mail Mr. Tony Fernandez?

I mean, it should have been [b]ON[/b] schedule!!! NOT [b]canceled[/b]! What the heck is going on with AirAsia?

But, this Ah Beng-ish e-mail is the best thing that I could ever wished for, forget that dreaded miserable canceled flight. They actually gave me 3 months advance notice for me to arrange a different way to travel back. Such great service you have AirAsia!


We appreciate your understanding of our position in this matter and hope your future flights with us will be pleasant and problem free.

Yeah, hope is always no hope at all. Can’t really hope on you, AirAsia! They just tell me that it’s cancelled without even giving me a possible alternative to that.

The itinerary includes a flight from KK to Manila, and from Manila back to KK, and on a connecting flight, I’m supposed to fly back to Sibu on the same day. If that’s so, am I entitled to cancel the whole flight schedule and get a full refund since it’s all under AirAsia?

Sports Toto Sure Win Numbers

There’s a “bank” in town that is open for business even on Sundays, and are the busiest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, where most of the users are depositing small amount of money starting from RM1.10 to RM11, and a handful of them would bank in RM55, and up to RM110.

Those handful of users might had gone to the temple, or a fortune teller, or had a wet dream the other night.

Lottery betting is one of the biggest and most profitable business in Malaysia, as it is the ONLY form of legal betting apart from going up the hills to Genting Casino. Any other forms of betting activities will get you prosecuted.

Have you ever been to Kuala Lumpur? The Berjaya Times Square? Ya, the place where you shop for fashion clothes, and go for a IMAX 3D movie? The place where people countdown during the new year’s eve? Yeah, that place lorrr…

Well, you have to thank yourself for being one of the contributors to the funds of the building, because of your daily deposits to the Berjaya Group’s Sports Toto. They’re one of the largest and most profitable companies in Malaysia dealing with resorts, real estate, retailing, 7-Elevens, Cosway, education, and basically whatever you can think of…

They are the peoples waiting for fortune to happen, while the “bank” thanks them for all the fortune.

They’re also the ONLY bank in town that tells everyone how much money the users had deposited into the bank. Thanks to their jackpot system.

Now that you’ve read this post, go and bank in RM1.10 tomorrow for ‘9555’. I wish you good luck!

Kuching Riverside Boat Ride

Taking the Kuching riverside boat ride is one of the must-do things for tourists visiting the city.

Many took the boat to visit the Fort Margherita opposite the river, now there’s the new Dewan Undangan Negeri (State Parliament Assembly hall) to add to the hot spots.

The Kuching Riverside Boat Ride
Mary and I took the boat ride but we didn’t go to the Fort nor the DUN, we’ve stayed on the boat and discovered something else – The life of the boatmen.

The Boat
Hello Boatmen!

Boat ride
Cruisin’ on the Kuching river.

The new DUN
Overlooking the new DUN and the Kuching City riverside skyline.

Closing in on DUN
Reaching the opposite river bank for dispatch of human cargo.

Curiosity kills the cat.

Islam prayers
Muslim prayers. Offering some real sense of security for the boatmen on the river.

Water bottle
The source of life – Water.

Hot water bottle
The thermo flask to store hot water for his daily meals.

Biscuit tin
A biscuit tin.

Kerosene lamp
A couple of kerosene lamp to light up the small boat throughout the night.

Brand new motor
A brand new motor to power the boat.

Now that’s the kind of life you’ll come to expect if you’re a boatmen on the Kuching river.
Glittering water

How is your life?

I’m Losing Control

What do you do when you’ve lost control?

Just like this?

You take control from the other side.

Reshape it.

And shove it back on to regain control.

How many times have you actually used the CTRL key on the right hand side? I bet it’s less than 2 times a week? Why let the entire keyboard go to waste when I can switch the right CTRL key to the most frequently used left hand side?

This is my girlfriend’s old keyboard I’m exchanging with, she’s in possession of my Wireless Logitech keyboard now. I only ever uses Logitech keyboards for all my life, and this is the reason why – Durability and flexibility. I don’t know how she had lost the control key, but a moment of bright ideas came to the rescue. Time is hard nowadays, save every cent you can. Even the Americans are saving funds by not setting off flashy fireworks for their July 4th Independence Day celebration.

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