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Maybank2U Fraud E-mail

Fraudsters are distributing fraudulent e-mails around and they’re poised to steal/hi-jack your Maybank2u account login details. So, to those naive, non-tech-savvy users, be extra careful when you’re reading your mail.

This fraudulent e-mail made it into my Yahoo! mailbox. They even bought a domain name similar to M2U’s. Fresh Internet users woulda been conned into that plot.

When you receive e-mails such as these…

1. Don’t ever trust those e-mails asking you to login from the link they provided.
2. Access to the website of your bank by typing in the URL directly.
3. Most common frauds target login details of PayPal, Google Adsense, Maybank2U and other banking accounts. Many have been conned and their account stripped bare. So watch out for those e-mails, NEVER login via the links they provided.

They load the real Maybank2u account login interface and mask the trap over it. Users then assume it’s the real thing and key in their username and password. The details are then logged and in a matter of a few minutes, your savings are gone. Sounds unbelievable but there are people who really get conned by this sort of mails, no kidding.

There are also lots of e-mail telling you that you’ve won a million dollar jackpot. Some of them are very convincing. There’s one time that I really bought a jackpot online from a specific country, and the e-mail they sent was also from that country, it’s a struck of luck that these people eventually get you by coincidence. The e-mail arrived like 1 year after I bought the jackpot ticket, so, rational judgment quickly tells you that if I’ve won, I woulda got the email long ago. And I have a collection of all those million dollar jackpots and those Nigerian fund transfer scams with totals up to billions, if those were real. I would be sitting here giving thousand dollar angpows like water already.

Stay smart and stay conscious online. Beware of those cons. Don’t play play, there are people who had already really fell for those.

Toddle – Send Professional Newsletter for FREE

Do you own an online business and having headaches figuring how you can attract your customers to read your newsletter? We’ve seen many boring, plain-text newsletters being delivered in to our mailboxes everyday. Most of us will just click on the “Delete” button, Unsubscribe, or better still, mark it as spam. It’s that bad.

We seek professional help, but professional newsletter maker cost a fortune for small business owner. But thanks to, you can now kiss the old school, plain-text newsletter’s ass, good bye.

With its simple, straight-forward approach to creating a newsletter, you can easily get one done in minutes! Provided you have all your content ready. For all the time and money saved, all they’ll ask for a return is the little credit at the bottom of the newsletter, which I think is fair and unobstructive at all.

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