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My new 22” Widescreen LCD Monitor

I’ve got an early present and it’s a freaking 22″ wide screen LCD monitor. WOOT! Although it’s a bit early, but this pretty much a surprise for me. Psst, it’s on November 16th okay.
Inside the package is an Acer 22″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

My blog looks thin on the widescreen.

Take a closer look.

My 2nd ever DOTA game on the new monitor. Now I won’t miss a missing hero coming towards me! The red dot will be smacking right on my face within my 10cm radius!! And also, I’ll be able to kill better thanks to the huge clickable area LOL. Owned with OD 20-3 btw. :D

Packing and Moving, again

It’s never ending for me. I’ve been moving since I’ve got independent from my parents. Sibu, KL, Miri, Melbourne, Bintulu, and now I’m going back to Miri again. Officially moving on the 18th of November.

My shop is damn messy now. We’ve been packing and disassembling display racks for a week or so now. And here’s our result.

Stuffed the walkway.

Disassembled racks.

Somemore racks left. All the stocks are in the boxes now.

Blurry pics yeah, but don’t complaint. If you’ve move all those boxes then you’ll know how shaky your hands can be. Oh, by the way, my car is in the workshop now for a new paint job. Should be out real soon within the next week. Will have pictures up again.

Zhong Nan Hai Cigarettes

Disclaimer: I do not condone smoking nor promoting the use of tobacco.

I’m a non-smoker and this post is purely for educational and factual purposes.

Kids, if you’re under 18, please go to my DOTA page, instead.

Zhong Nan Hai is the new type of cigarettes out in the market here in Bintulu. Before this, there’s Parkway. They’re readily available in most kopitiams, but you’ve to ask for it. It’s not sold directly off the shelf of kopitiams. As these ciggies are not taxed, one pack of those only costs RM2. TWO Freaking Ringgit Malaysia!! When I say it’s not taxed, you pretty much get meaning don’t you?

There’s a huge demand for this kinda cheap cigarettes as the tax for ciggies had virtually triple-stacked itself over the last few years. Take Dunhill for example, a pack of 20s costs RM5.50 two years ago, but it’s now RM8.90! A massive RM4.40 difference there. For an ordinary person, that’s the cost of a meal there.

One thing I like about it is its 8mg hologram. Bring out the classy side of the whole packaging.

Likewise, they’re all Made in People’s Republic of China. To be exact, their factory is in Beijing.

This is how the ciggies look like. Very light, and cool cause it’s menthol.

As usual, the Warnings and Amaran, No sales to person under 18, yada yada yada, Merokok Membahayakan Kesihatan (Smoking poses health risks).

The importer even showed their name on the packaging!! Every Zhong Nan Hai’s in Malaysia are distributed off from this little town of Bintulu, and thanks to the importer, there’s a cheaper alternatives for the Bintulu and the rest of the Sarawakian smokers.

Final words, Smoking Kills. Do not Smoke. Kthxbye.

Bintulu 888 Bak Kut Teh

I heard from the Bintulu folks that the 888 Bak Kut Teh at ParkCity Commercial centre serves the best bak kut teh in town.

So, I headed off to do some fact-finding for myself.

Menu on the Board
Bak Kut Teh RM5.50/person. 50 cents for additional rice. Very affordable for the masses.

The Lunch
2 pots of bak kut teh, a plater of vege, and yao zha guai to go with the rice. That’s our lunch for the day. Hungry yet?

Bak Kut Teh
The bak kut teh, with all the goodies, 3-layer pork, pork ribs, and the aromatic herbal soup. Although they could do better by serving larger portion of the soup.

Minced garlic
Unlimited supply of Minced garlic. Something that shouldn’t be compromised when eating bak gut teh. I found out that there are some bak gut teh restaurants that are really stingy and gives you little of those and they only give more when you ask for it. Very inconvenient.

Yao Zha Guai
The Yao Zha Guai (Fried dough, oily). 50 cents per plate. No pun intended. If you’re looking for 50 Cent – the rapper, please go to

Ya Really!!

I would say 888 serves the best bak kut teh in Bintulu, among the others which I’ve actually tasted. Though I’m not gonna compare them with Klang’s bak kut teh, where it all comes from, coz I think it would be an understatement to 888.

This is an O RLY™ moment brought to you by

Palm Garden Snack House, Bintulu

After so many repeated meals at the same old restaurants in the boring town of Bintulu, the only few place left un-tasted is the Palm Garden Snack House at Park City Commercial Centre.

Palm Garden Snack House
This is the premise. It’s dark I know but at least you get to see the sign board. :D

The entrance door
This is their entrance door from inside.

I did not expect it to look like this when I first stepped into the snack house.
Got widescreen LCD Flat Panel TV!
Fuah, fully air-conditioned with a widescreen flat planel TV showing Detective Conan, the cartoon show! The TV’s Not big enough, but better than nothing right? There’s uncles sitting on the bar drinking beer.

Pool table and Drinks Bar
Got pool table also!

Anyway, I was darn hungry after work, so forget about all those entertainments and get something to fill up my stomach. The cook, who happens to be one of my customers, is nice enough to serve us personally. He recommended a couple of dishes that he consider is the best in the shop. I couldn’t care much ‘coz I’m so hungry I can eat anything!

Braised Beef Rice with Kimchi
Braised beef rice with kimchi. Loved their kimchi!

Kimchi Mee
Kimchi Mee with Seafood soup. Generous bits of fish meat and prawns.

The meal cost about RM18+, which I think is reasonable for their standard. Would definitely come again!

Hartz Chicken Buffet Restaurant in Bintulu

Hartz Chicken Buffet is the new buzz in the little industrial town of Bintulu. This franchise-based restaurant is originated from Texas, USA. The local company that owned the franchise had license to operate within the whole of Sarawak and Brunei region.

Hartz Chicken Buffet Restaurant
Since it’s a buzz, I’ve decided to give it a go. It looks pretty tempting from the outside. Looks classy enough for an International-based restaurant.

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