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The Boost Juice Phenomenon in Australia

Boost Juice Bars was founded by this lady called Janine Allis. She thought Australia lacked the opportunity of a quick and healthy food or drinks. Australians are a health conscious bunch of people, however, they are always on the rush and had little time for a real fresh, nutritional supplementary drink.

Boost Juice Bars
The Boost Juice Bars brand name. Healthy-looking colors.

Boost Juice Bars at 189 Bourke St.
This is a Boost Juice Bars at Bourke St., Melbourne.

Boost Juice Bars beside McDonald's
This particular store is situation right next to McDonald’s, just to remind you to flush your intestines with healthy fruit juice after that high calory/cholesterol meal.

Queue at Boost Juice Bars
Regardless of the time or weather, there’s always a queue for the healthy juice.

Why we like Boost Juice?
Here’s why they’re queuing up for a Boost Juice.

Boost Juice Bars International Franchising Opportunities
So now you know, people all over the world are focusing on healthy food. This is a pretty good opportunity to bring in an uprising International brand to your respective country. For more information, please visit the Boost Juice website.

P/s: This is NOT a sponsored post. Thank you very much.

Instant cash out on Google cheque

I’m gonna show you a way of turning your cheque into cash instantly, just follow these simple steps and you’ll have your cheque cashed in no time!

Depositing My First Ever Google Cheque
First of all, get yourself a reliable and efficient bank like Westpac. Then, place your Google cheque inside one of their cheque deposit envelopes.

Express Deposits
Head to your nearest Westpac branch and slid it into their Express Deposits slot.

Cash out from the ATM
Alright, I’ve deposited my cheque, now I can enjoy my cash. Few clicks of the buttons and the money comes out. Don’t worry if the account is low on balance, within 3 working days it’ll be fine again.

You understand the procedure yet? Alright, this is lame. Let’s get down to real business and see what the cheque can get me.

An XBox 360? Nah, not my type of entertainment. Still prefer PC games. DotA in particular. By the way, DotA Allstars v6.28 is out now! Go and grab it from their website!

Power Mac OS X
How bout this? An iMac priced at AUD$2649. Nah, I can’t even get its keyboard and mouse with the cheque.

Cute Puppy in Chadstone Shopping Complex
And this cute puppy? I’m not gonna buy it but everytime I visit Chadstone, I’ll be sure to visit the pet shop as they always have new puppies on sale, and most of them are adorable! Was thinking of getting a partner for Milo, but it’s not time yet :/

By the way, I might be going back to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, then Sibu) in April. Could organize a mini blogger meet or something like that.

My First Ever Google Cheque

This, is my first ever Google cheque since implementing their Adsense programme 5 months ago.

I felt excited for my first ever American cheque, for it is a very, very hard earned piece of paper. First, it took the cheque approximately a month to travel from Buffalo, New York, to Melbourne, Australia, via Posten Sverige AB of Sweden, and then you’ll have to wait for a few more weeks, or maybe up to a month for the cheque to clear.

My First Ever Google Cheque
No, it doesn’t end there, the bank charges you several % off your hard-earned cheque. All in all, that’s a pretty hefty process ain’t it?

I’m not sure about you guys, but I think Adsense dollars are harder to come by nowadays. Perhaps my keywords aren’t high-paying enough, or should I say, my enthusiasm on Adsense slacked off in the last few months. I’m doing less experiments and tests on placements/positioning, keyword targetting, etc.

Oh well, I gotta get down to work for the next Google cheque.

What’s Been Up?

I think I owe my blog and my readers an apology for the fact that I’ve not been feeding you guys properly.

First, there was an issue with my PC. It was malfunctioning with registry crashes almost every time I reboot. I tried to fix that but to no avail, I had to reformat and reinstall Windows XP whenever that happens. That really pissed me off, and on February 10th, 2006, my primary hard drive is declared dead. It took along with it my 3 years worth of precious photos collection, movies and videos collection. Imagine losing all your photos you’ve saved over the last 3 years. Pain in the ass alright.
Dead Maxtor HDD
This hard disk had been with me since Form 4 and it’s time for it to rest in peace. BUT NOT WITH ALL MY VIDEOS AND PHOTOS YOU FREAK!!!

And then there were web projects. I’ve a client who likes my template and he decided to use it for both his and his wife’s blog.

Tech Uncut by Clay Cook
Tech Uncut is a blog about Web 2.0 businesses. Keeping most of my Fury v1.0 template, I created a new header image, changed a few icons, and removed the Japanese characters on the captions.

Time 4 Mom by Rachel Cook
Time 4 Mom is a blog about motherhood. The client requested a cartoon baby for the header image. A new color scheme is implemented to comply with the client’s requirement. End result is happily accepted.

MSN Blogger Orgy
There was this MSN Messenger orgy this afternoon that really initiated me to write again. Thanks to bloggers like Wingz tai low, lilian 5xmom, mahagurusia, helen, dSaint, for the great XXX chat!

Summer time at St. Kilda Beach

It’s getting colder nowadays as the summer comes to an end. With temperature averaging 25 degrees celcius, I better grab hold of the final few weeks of fine weather to get myself some shots in the summer.

Spirit of Tasmania
Spirit of Tasmania. I can take one of these cruise to Tasmania for only $99.

Wind Surfers
Surfers surfing under the sun.

Wind Surfing
This is how it works.

Seaweed on the beach
Suicide attempt? Seaweed isolated from the water. I threw it back to the sea, where it belongs.

Seagull with Surfers
Seagull with wind surfers in the background.

One Seagull
Lone Seagull.

Fresh Mussels
I’m not sure whether it’s legal to harvest these mussels, perhaps a small amount would do no harm? We took about 20+ home, most of them are mid-sized mussels, and they taste freshly great!

Just another Day of the Year

When I was a kid, Chinese New Year means a lot to me. I’ll wait 358 days for that one week of holidays, I’ll make sure that I’m well and strong before the Chinese New Year, just to enjoy the feast, the food, the angpows, and the firecrackers, in the biggest festivities of the Chinese calendar.

I missed the time when I can join my group of friends on angpow-hunting row.

I missed the time when I could still receive angpows like a kid.

I missed the time when I can place small bets on a poker game and doesn’t have to worry of my wallet leaking holes.

I missed the time when I can have reunion dinner with my family, even though it’s a simple one.

I missed the smell of the firecrackers, and the noise of it going off.

I missed the time when I could still light them off fearlessly despite the fact that I almost blinded by them (“Chai Lei” exploded in front of me at point blank range!).
Chai Lei
Photo courtesy of

What Chinese New Year? This is just another day of my life abroad in Australia.

This is my year! The Dog Year
She must have watched too much kung fu movies last year :/. Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!

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