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SOX All Stars Drum and Dance 2011 in Miri City

I personally think that this is a highly-energized youth event that should be better publicized and deserved more crowd and attention than it is now. It was scheduled to be held at IKBN, but was later changed to Boulevard Shopping Complex. Perhaps to save time and distance?

The S.O.X. All-Stars Drum & Dance 2010 attracted more than 8,400 audiences during the finale at National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur last year! We’ve seen how exciting it was but you will have to prepare yourselves for the extravaganza that is S.O.X. All-Stars Drum & Dance 2011!

7 schools from Sarawak and Sabah compete for the final 4 spots in this year’s S.O.X. Drum and Dance competition in East Malaysia. From Miri, we have SMK St. Columba, Riam Road Middle School, SMK Chung Hua, SMK Lutong, and SMK St. Joseph. From Kuching, SMK Green Road, and from Sabah, SMK Shan Tao.

Lucrative prizes awaits them in the finals at The Curve, Kuala Lumpur.

RM100,000 worth of cash and prizes to be won this year and this is how the prizes line-up…

1st place – RM 7,000.00 & trophy
2nd place – RM 5,000.00 & trophy
3rd place – RM 3,000.00 & trophy
Most Popular Team – RM 1,000.00
Best uniform – RM 1,500.00
Best Showmanship – RM 1,500.

Ean from was here to do TV interviews on the participants. Apart from screaming at their school band, young fans are screaming at Ean too! He’s such a magnet!

Alright, making sure that everything is good to go, we have the…

Instruments ready…

Helmets ready…

Stage is ready…

and most importantly, the fans are also ready!

and we’re ready to rumble!!!

Some funny, improvised move pulled off by the SMK Lutong team.

The crowd went wild when Ean went on the stage. But the microphone was unforgiving during his short 1 minute speech on the stage.

Waiting for their turn to do battle.

Ms. Brenda from SMK Chung Hua posing for the camera there.

SMK Chung Hua was the rightful winner of the automatic qualification spot to Kuala Lumpur for the finals.

One of the SMK Chung Hua team members.

Girls from the SMK Green Road Kuching team.

Teams battling it out for the final 3 spots to Kuala Lumpur.

SOX crew making sure everything is going smoothly according to schedule.

Waiting for their turn to do battle.

Two teams battling it out in a fierce atmosphere.

“What? You wanna fight issit?” Looks more like England vs. Scotland there with their uniforms…

Team photos with their Certificate of Participation, presented by Mr. Choo, Regional Manager of Celcom for Sabah and Sarawak.

SMK Chung Hua Team were the automatic qualifier in the preliminary round and therefore, no battle was needed. But their wish to show-off their battle play was granted, much to the delight of the crowd.

From their performance, I think they’re one of the favorites to win the competition, and just look at their outfit, they’ve already got a hand on the Best Uniform award, that’s for sure!

Enjoy the video!

I Love Miri City

From a small fishing village on the Northern coast of Sarawak, to a city in 2005. It’s been a long time coming. The people had defied the hardship and odds by becoming the first ‘non-capital’ City in Malaysia. Something that Mirians took pride of.

A lot of expatriates came and left their footprints and legacy on the land of the Seahorse. They came to work for the company that shapes the city that it is today – Shell Oil Company. The booming oil and gas industry had brought tremendous wealth and fortune to the city. Infrastructures and the living conditions were upgraded.

The Grand Old Lady, while it’s still in operation in the old days.

For a handful of expatriates, they settled down here in Borneo. But for some, they left with a heavy heart. Knowing that they’ll be back here again someday. To seek the nostalgia that once were.

Marriott Resorts and Spa caters their holidays hospitality when they’re back here again.

Miri City is heavenly relaxing, and a beautiful city for life after retirement. Lay down and enjoy the sunshine.

For all the wonderful things in Miri City, we have I Love Miri City Social Network to share and bring together the best of Miri, all under one network of fellow Mirians and expatriates, from anywhere around the world.
I Love Miri City Social Network

The Star reporter who failed Geography

Kuala Baram, Sabah

Dear Stephen Then,

Thank you for your report on the Kuala Baram haze issue. But Kuala Baram is part of Miri City, Sarawak, not Sabah.

Please kindly amend your geography knowledge. Thank you.

Yours truly,
Alex Allied.

Valentine’s Day is …

Today is Valentine’s Day. So I’m gonna write a little something about today. Well, we all know that Valentine’s Day is all about showing love, but the gesture does not necessarily be restricted to only Valentine’s Day, does it? We can show our love anytime, any day of the year.

Colorful flowers. Have you ever wondered why flowers were cheaper when it’s not Valentine’s Day? Because there’s no people, if any, celebrate Valentine’s Day on the other 364 days. Do it on other days at your will, set your own Valentine’s Day even!

For me, this is love, in my own way…

Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Saying goodbye to 2008, year of the mouse, which is also my Chinese zodiac, and welcoming the year of the Ox, some say cow, so, Welcome to the Moo Moo Land everybody! More Moooolah for everybody this year!

It’s been a very wet new year so far, raining non-stop, dark clouds all over, flash floods, pot holes on the road, landslides blocking highways, it’s not been a good start to the year here in Sarawak, but nevertheless, keep thinking positive and be optimistic, things will be better. Be grateful of what you have and stop bemoaning of what you don’t have, count the blessings and you’ll found that you’re far better off than those in Gaza and Zimbabwe.

Chinese New Year is not just about big angpows or small angpows, it’s about family reunions and get together. I’ve got my early “angpow” this year from my special one. Here are the content. Thank you baby ;)

Ang Pow Mari! What’s in the container?

Home-made Pineapple cookies! My favorite cookies!

Kuih Makmur. I wonder if Chan Lilian baked them already. Oi Lilian, this is how the Kuih Makmur here looks liked! RM18/pack.

Home-made seaweed + Kulit popiah.

Very crunchy stuffs. Nice finger food for the guests.

A big angpow with love. Take a wild guess what’s inside?

Last but not least, thanks to Bongkersz for the special delivery, the package arrived safely amidst all your adventurous journey back home! Surely a valuable experience for you. Make sure you pump your tank full full before going on a long journey next time!

Have a safe journey home everyone and Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Harith Iskander Nationwide Live Comedy Tour

Harith Iskandar Nationwide Live comedy Tour
Harith Iskander was in Miri a couple of weeks ago for his Nationwide Live comedy tour, presented by Celcom. The event was held in an almost full-house Marriott Hotel and Resort’s ballroom.

Douglas Lim as the guest star
The night started off with the special guest appearance of Douglas Lim, the comedian who made it up the ranks with the once-famous Kopitiam comedy. I’m sure most of you remember Kopitiam on NTV7 back in 1997.

Favorite joke of the night by Douglas:
How Timbaland made easy money in the Sexy Back video while Justin Timberlake does most of the singing and all he did was making the “Yah Yah” sound.

After about 30minutes of his performance, comes the man of the night.
Harith Iskandar
I present you, Harith Iskander, ladies and gentlemen.

Douglas and Harith battle to win audience's heart
Both of them battle it out by a spontaneous, self-composed lyrics based on the lady’s given details. At the end of the day, the lady would wanna go on a date with Harith instead of Douglas, even though Douglas claimed that he’s the handsome one, but Harith won her heart because his name was on the backdrop of the show. Proven that, handsome guys doesn’t necessarily win girls.


Douglas and Harith duet, performing Hotel California with a lyric based on their experience here in Miri.

Harith:“If I were to release a CD, I’ll sell 4 million copies in Malaysia alone!”
Douglas: “Stop dreaming Harith, I bet you’ll sell 100 copies, that is among your friends and families, while the rest of your 4 millions will download from the Internet, IF, they happen to be interested in your songs, that is.

The comedy was filled with the Malaysia vs Singapore type of jokes. It’s funny and all their jokes makes sense and portrayed the true Malaysian’s way of live.

Most used word of the night by Harith, who happens to be a Celcom spokesman, is…

“Fuiyoh!”, which happens to be a DiGi slogan.

I think he’s getting paid to say that. Tee hee. But it does make sense though since the introduction of Mobile Number Portability, where any telco is basically, all telco.

Did you know? Harith dated a Chinese air-stewardess before! Now that’s a “Fuiyoh!”.

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