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Barn Buddy – The Real World Version

I bet you’ve seen and stole a lot of plants off from farms and barns on the Facebook. But have you seen the real world version of Barn Buddy, Farm Town, Farmville and all?

Well, let me bring you to this quiet little Bintangor town of Borneo Sarawak (30 minutes drive from Sibu town) to witness part of the largest crop fields in the state.

Plowed Land

Sibu Chinese New Year Fireworks 2010 wishes you a prosperous and energized Tiger year ahead!

The world certainly needed that extra ‘Rawrrrrr’ after all the economy crises and countless disasters in 2009!

That aside, let me bring you the view of this year’s Chinese New Year fireworks from my balcony. Whether you spend New Year’s in the hotels Miami celebrities frequent or in Paris, at SF hotels, Shanghai or some other beautiful part of the world, enjoy and wish the best for the year to come.

P/s: I was hit on the back by quite a huge chunk of the pyrotechnics’ remnants, as you can see the camera swaying heavily towards the end of the video. I’m not going to hire a Los Angeles injury lawyer or anything, because good luck does fall from the sky!

The Queen Lounge and Cafe – Sibu

If you’re in Sibu and you’re looking for something different, other than those same old coffee shops, you can actually take a ride to the Tua Pek Kong Temple in Sibu.

No, I’m not asking you to worship the Gods, but right beside the temple, there’s a block of revamped building that houses Sibu’s finest lounge and cafe. The lounge is located at Jalan Chew Geok Lin. The once antique building looks great now after major refurbishment works.
The Location
The building is owned by Wah Tat Holdings. The lounge is closed in the morning, nothing’s happening there during daytime…but when the sun goes down…

Uncle Dom Cafe, Sibu

Uncle Dom Cafe is the latest modern, franchise-style, Ipoh-kopitiam-themed outlet to be mushroomed in Sibu town. Of course, they don’t just serve Ipoh white coffee, they serve a fusion of Western and Eastern breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What’s great about this place is its very vintage and originally Sibu’s design and decor. You can find lots of old photos of Sibu town as the wallpaper and wall photos.

Uncle Dom Cafe banner. Look at their logo.
When you look at the mascot. What comes into your mind?

Sports Toto Sure Win Numbers

There’s a “bank” in town that is open for business even on Sundays, and are the busiest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, where most of the users are depositing small amount of money starting from RM1.10 to RM11, and a handful of them would bank in RM55, and up to RM110.

Those handful of users might had gone to the temple, or a fortune teller, or had a wet dream the other night.

Lottery betting is one of the biggest and most profitable business in Malaysia, as it is the ONLY form of legal betting apart from going up the hills to Genting Casino. Any other forms of betting activities will get you prosecuted.

Have you ever been to Kuala Lumpur? The Berjaya Times Square? Ya, the place where you shop for fashion clothes, and go for a IMAX 3D movie? The place where people countdown during the new year’s eve? Yeah, that place lorrr…

Well, you have to thank yourself for being one of the contributors to the funds of the building, because of your daily deposits to the Berjaya Group’s Sports Toto. They’re one of the largest and most profitable companies in Malaysia dealing with resorts, real estate, retailing, 7-Elevens, Cosway, education, and basically whatever you can think of…

They are the peoples waiting for fortune to happen, while the “bank” thanks them for all the fortune.

They’re also the ONLY bank in town that tells everyone how much money the users had deposited into the bank. Thanks to their jackpot system.

Now that you’ve read this post, go and bank in RM1.10 tomorrow for ‘9555’. I wish you good luck!

Sibu Wah Tat Bank in HDR

Wah Tat Bank was the oldest bank in Sibu. Founded by Chew Geok Ling and his business partner, Teo Chong Loh. The business started with Wah Tat Money Exchange and Remittances which was the forerunner of Wah Tat Bank.

In 2001, Wah Tat Bank merged with Hong Leong Bank to form the Hong Leong Bank Berhad that you see today.

Sibu Wah Tat Bank Building. Click for larger view
The now defunct Sibu Wah Tat Bank building. Shot taken from the Sibu Tua Pek Kong temple’s pagoda. Click for larger view.

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