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Kuching in HDR Photography

Mary and I were having a getaway in Kuching last week. We were enroute Lundu town, about 100km away from Kuching for its picturesque Sematan beach. The town sat close to the border of Kalimantan, Indonesia. But our journey were cut short, or rather, unsuccessful where we had to make a U-turn back to Kuching City due to bad weather, and as darkness closed in, we dare not venture into the unfamiliar territory.
Lundu Ferry
There are no lights nor residence for as long as the eyes could see and the terrain is rough. Wrong timing for a trip like this…but we could still afford to stop for a HDR photography session.

Sibu Wah Tat Bank in HDR

Wah Tat Bank was the oldest bank in Sibu. Founded by Chew Geok Ling and his business partner, Teo Chong Loh. The business started with Wah Tat Money Exchange and Remittances which was the forerunner of Wah Tat Bank.

In 2001, Wah Tat Bank merged with Hong Leong Bank to form the Hong Leong Bank Berhad that you see today.

Sibu Wah Tat Bank Building. Click for larger view
The now defunct Sibu Wah Tat Bank building. Shot taken from the Sibu Tua Pek Kong temple’s pagoda. Click for larger view.

Sibu Town in HDR Photography

Mary and I were researching on HDR photography for quite a while now, and we finally took the initiative to have a go at it with Sibu town as the subject. It’s been pretty hot and sunny this few days, not a very good weather for photographing, but Mary brought over her dad’s infrared camera and this kind of weather is just perfect for infrared photography.

Let’s start off with some of our virgin works of HDR photos.

Sibu Old Town
Sibu Old Town. The building with a green oval-shaped roof is the Sibu’s Hawker Centre, the biggest of its kind in Sarawak (or Malaysia?). Most of the shops here were built around the 1950s, surviving the World war II. Taken from the Sibu Tua Pek Kong temple’s pagoda.

Photoshop Tips Every Blogger Must Know

Tonight, I’m gonna show you guys a few simple Photoshop techniques to make your blogging photos look better, and literally, Wow-ing your readers. Put your dull, colorless photos into Photoshop and turn them into something that will make your friends ask, “Hey, when did you get a DSLR?”
Cafe Cafe

The Great Flood in Sibu

It’s the time of the year again, where people around the world and the nation celebrates Christmas and getting ready for the new year. But in this part of the world, people are busy clearing water out of their living rooms and building blockades to prevent flood water from spilling into their premises.

Will Sibu ever be free from floods?
Welcome to Sibu, folks!

The Siam Paragon Cineplex Triplets

Captured this photo out of coincidence during my last trip to Bangkok.

Taken in the Siam Paragon’s 6-star Cineplex. I call it “The Paragon Cineplex Triplets”.
The Paragon Cineplex Triplets

There was initially 2 small guys sitting on each side of the 3 chairs. Moments later, a big guy talking on the phone approached and occupied the chair in between and started spinning around. I had to wait for the perfect moment to capture them all aligned in one direction.

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Lamborghini Bangkok

Toyota Alphard 2009

Miri Jazz Festival 2008

Kuching Open Air Market Food

Kuching River Boat Ride

Bangkok Suk 11 Hostel

Sibu Flood: CNY 2009

Sibu's Famous Tiong Hua Road Kompia

Sibu's Famous Dian Bian Hu

RH Hotel, Sibu