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The all-new Ford Ranger launched in Malaysia

For the last couple of months, the Global Ford Ranger Challenge has brought a lot of interest and excitement prior to the launch of the all-new Ford Ranger.

On 28th June 2012, Ford finally launched its class-leading all-new Ranger in Malaysia. The all-new Ford Ranger redefines the compact pickup truck segment by combining the toughness and capability of a pickup truck with smart technology, outstanding safety, excellent fuel economy and high standards of quality and comfort.

“We are confident that the class-defining all-new Ford Ranger will continue to establish itself as a leader in the pick-up truck segment. In Thailand, customer bookings have exceeded 22,000 units just six months into its availability in the market,” said David Westerman, regional manager, Asia Pacific, Ford Export & Growth Operations.

At the time of launch in Malaysia, overall customer pre-bookings for the all-new Ford Ranger have surpassed 800 units.

On-the road with insurance for Sarawak and Sabah are as follows:

Ford Ranger 3.2L Wildtrack – RM120,500
Ford Ranger 2.2L XLT Auto – RM103,500
Ford Ranger 2.2L XLT Manual – RM97,500

Ford Ranger Malaysia Challenge: Vote and Win Prizes!

With all the entries in and final, Ford needs your votes to pick their winners! Remember, voters will stand a chance to take home exciting prizes, too! Read on to find out how.

The voting phase for the Ford Ranger Challenge is from 21st May to 22nd June. The Grand Prize Winner will be selected based on collectively total number of thumbs up generated and decision from their panel of judges.

5 finalist videos will be put up onto the Ford Ranger Challenge on 21st may.

How to vote and win Prizes?

You have to register first at to be eligible to cast vote. Ford will pick the 50th, 100th, 150th voters and so on and you will need to answer a tie breaker question to stand a chance to win the prize. Voters with the best creative answer will win the G-shock watch. The rest will get ONE item from Ford merchandise list while stock last.


Grand Prize winner will receive a 2012 Ford Ranger XLT 2.2L Manual Transmission with an approximate retail value of RM100,000 plus The Malaysia Ranger Challenge merchandise.

First runner up will receive RM9,888 in cash and a RM10,000 voucher to purchase the All-New Ford Ranger plus Global Ranger Challenge merchandise.

Second runner up will receive RM3,888 in cash and a RM5,000 voucher to purchase the All-New Ford Ranger plus Global Ranger Challenge merchandise.

For voters, there will be special edition merchandise to be won: G-shock watch, Ford T-shirt, thumb drive, caps, tumbler etc.

The all-new Ford Ranger XLT Twitter Contest

Strong, tough, refined, and quieter than all, the Ford Ranger XLT is a generation ahead of its competition. With a towing capacity of 3 tonnes and a wading depth of 800mm, the All-new Ford Ranger XLT is built to handle just anything you can throw at it!
In conjunction with the up-coming launch of the new model, Ford has more contest in store for you to win great prizes!


What are the Prizes?

Ford Exclusive Merchandise (including Laptop Backpack, Limited Edition All New Ford Ranger T-shirt & Ford Exclusive Merchandise Heavy-duty Torchlight)

G-shock watch

How to participate the Twitter contest?

Follow @fordrangerMY on Twitter and check for their updates!

Contest Period
9 April 2012 onwards

So, remember to join the crowd at the launch of the All-New Ford Ranger at Bintang Megamall, Miri and their showroom at Krokop to check out the vehicle in its flesh!

Join The Ford Malaysia Ranger Challenge

Sarawak is full of unpredictable and harsh terrains, especially when you’re going off-road. Of all the other 4WDs around, Ford has just the right machine to help you tame the rough journey.

Through their “Built Tough” slogan, Ford will add an all-new model to their popular Ford Ranger series. The machine can take on any challenge you can throw at it. Going off the beaten track? Piece of cake. Wanna tow 3 tonnes of cargo? Not a problem!

So, are you up for the challenge?

I’ve just entered the Ford Malaysia Ranger Challenge for a chance to win myself the all-new Ford Ranger! Don’t just take their words for it, take the Challenge today and you might just be the lucky one!

The all-new Ford Ranger XLT.

I come from Sibu, Sarawak, a bustling town with economy powered by timber, oil palm, and shipbuilding.
Sibu was founded and developed on a swampy land and thus, the roads within the town area are mostly wavy and bumpy. We get potholes everywhere! Now that puts the Ranger’s suspension to the test.

Sibu is also prone to floods. Every year we’ve to endure at least one major flood and several less severe ones. Without a proper 4WD around, we’ll be stuck in the flood water, sometimes up to 4 feet high in low areas when the tide peaks. I believe Ford Ranger will be a life saver in that kind of situation with its best-in-class water wading up to 800mm!

Going off-road, we’ve got engineers transporting heavy service components deep into the oil palm plantations and logging zones. That requires immense towing capabilities especially through the muddy and unpredictable rough terrains.
So, I believe Ford Ranger could very well be tested right here in this part of Borneo and I sure hope it can stand the test!

Ford Malaysia will be organizing The Ford Story Roadshow across major cities in Sarawak. The roadshows schedule are as follows:

4-8 April, 2012
Hills Shopping Mall, Kuching

16-20 May 2012
Boulevard Mall, Kuching

6-10 June 2012
Star Megamall, Sibu

25-29 July, 2012
Bintang Megamall, Miri City.

5-9 Sept, 2012
Spring Mall, Kuching

Mark your schedule and be there to see the all-new Ford Ranger XLT on display before its launch middle of this year. Do follow their Twitter and Facebook for more updates on the Challenge!

New Honda City 2010 Concept MOD

Looking to mod your 2009 Honda City, but tired of the same old boring Modulo bodykit? How bout something different this time?

Try the Honda City 2010 Concept Mod. A mod so good you don’t need a Lambo or an Alphard to make head turns.

Honda City 2010 Concept Mod Revealed
Revealing the super, hot body. This is the new Honda City 2010 Concept mod.

Say NO to

Guess what? Your once favorite Malaysian blog aggregator Project Petaling Street is no longer liberal. What is liberal you may ask? Liberalization is something that allows you to speak and voice up freely. Freedom of Speech so to speak.

The (PPS) is no longer under liberal hands. It’s been snatched up by Malaysian blogosphere’s most hated (or maybe the world over?) Islamic fascist. He instilled so much hatred that even his Muslim counterparts were against his pathetic ideology.

This is the ugly face of the most evil wicked Muslim in Malaysia.
This is the ugly face of the most evil wicked Muslim in Malaysia.
quote Galadriel from

Do you want him to be your leader of the Malaysian blogosphere?

Don’t let yourself be a tool (fool) of his wicked attempt to wipe out the freedom of speech through the wide publicity of PPS. This is pretty much the same tactic as how the Malaysian government bans and filters out blogs, and give out warnings and advice not to read blogs, and prosecute RPK for speaking the truth, and so on. If you were given a chance to vote for a leader to represent the Malaysian blogosphere, I hope he’s not the one you’ll choose. So please, for the freedom of speech, vote against him, remove yourself from automatically pinging PPS.

Top bloggers who expresses their voice of freedom in their blog posts were banned indifinitely from the aggregator, so who’s next? It might be you. I know I can’t ping the PPS for quite some time already and I don’t know why, my enquiry e-mails were all one way communication, without reply from the management, which I doubt there is.

P/s: What’s good about it? It’s never been updated nor upgraded, the theme were from the dinosaur age in terms of Internet time. I wonder why would there still be people coming back to read blogs at such a dull, two-toned webpage. The initial management team had all gone off the radar and the past glory no longer shines.

There are always alternatives when it comes to traffic drawing. There’s Nuffnang’s Innit,, etc.

Spread the words my fellow bloggers. Boycott PPS.

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