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The ETouch D20 Double SIM Cellphone

This is the cellphone that I might get in the next couple of days. I’ve been looking for a double SIM card (simultaneously operating) cellphone for quite some time now, and I think I’ve found my phone. It’s so troublesome carrying two cellphones in my pockets.

ETouch D20 Double SIM Cellphone
ETouch D20 Double SIM cellphone. Not very fancy, but elegant enough.

Double SIM card slot
Double SIM card slot. Double the phone calls, and a less chunky pocket. I like!

It’s a China phone no doubt, what isn’t Made in China nowadays? But it’s warranty is carried by a reputable company, and it lasts for a year!!

This phone is selling for RM739 at Art Photo Studio in Miri’s Boulevard, and the Nokia Shop of Sibu’s New Delta Mall. If you’re interested, I could help get you a special online rate, delivered via PosLaju direct to your home. PM me :D

My Nokia n93i

Take photos with 3.2-megapixel quality, assisted by auto focus, self timer, flash, utilizing Carl Zeiss Optics and 3X Optical Zoom. Surf the Internet over its Nokia Web Bowser with Mini Map, and Blog through Nokia LifeBlog. Video capture at 640×480 pixels/30 fps. Still Image Editor. Reads Excel, PDF, Powerpoint, Word, Zip files. Connects over 3G, Bluetooth, Infrared, and WLAN. Watch videos over TV-out port.
Hello world. Meet my new toy. The Nokia n93i.

A built-in 3.2 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom. Comes in handy when spying for chicks :D. It’s equipped with Carl Zeiss lenses, similar to those used in Sony Cybershot digital cameras. DVD video quality capture.

A zoom dial and the shot trigger button with a little red dot in the middle. Typical of a digital camera.

The power button on the top.

n93i’s back-side.

Side-view. Not very slim and too bulky for my pocket.

Slick, metallic keypad. But I must say the ‘c’ (cancel) button are a bit too close to the ‘hang up’ button, inconvenient when you’re trying to clear a few characters in your SMS and misclicked the ‘hang up’ button and it brings you back out to the main screen.

“Server Offline. Sien” MingKAI’s complaining about the downtime we had in Blueserver. We all can’t play DOTA as we did before cause the server keeps going offline. It’s been a week and finally we’ve got an explanation from the Blueserver admin:

Sorry for the frequent service interruption. Some players are deliberately triggering some exploits to crash the server. We are working on the fixes on our test run server. Please be patient. Sorry for inconvenience caused. – Blueserver

yada yada yada. We just wanna play games ok?

Screen is crispy clear and vibrant.

Wi-Fi ready to go via my ‘Boost’ wireless network.

DSCN4622 on n93i!!! I can now snap pics and blog, all done with this new gadget. When the screen is too small for the job, the smartphone can act as a GPRS modem so I can surf on my laptop! Did I tell you it even has a TV-out port so you can watch videos on your 50-inch plasma TV? Holy shit!

Alright, time to recharge my battery. A nice red retro glare indicating the phone is charging.

Final verdict, a little bit too chunky for my liking. Haven’t test it to its full potential yet. I haven’t got any 3G service so that function would be left unexplored until I get one. I don’t see people adopting the technology here yet in this part of the world for some foreseeable future. We’re not ready to pay more to see faces we see everyday. ;D But then again, the new toy rocks!

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