Battle Royale - The DVD
If you guys haven’t watched this movie yet, go and get your “you know what” and start biting your bandwidth now! Battle Royale was released in year 2000, it’s a bit late for me I know. I’v heard about the movie before but never had the time to watch it. Today, I managed to stumble upon it in Blockbuster. So I rented it and watched it. Thrilling and violent-packed! Here goes the storyline.

The new millennium Japan was in disarray and the country is collapsing. Unemployment rate was sky high at 15% and schools violence is out of hand, with rebellious teenagers staing mass boycotts. So, the beleaguered government relatiated with a programme codenamed – “Battle Royale”.

Isolated island where the battle took place
Battle Royale is a game where each year, a random class was chosen and they were dropped onto an isolated island and each and every one of the students must fight and kill their friends for their own survival.

Here are the rules of the game:-

1. The game lasts 3 days.
2. Each player starts out with an army bag that comes with food, water, and a “weapon”. Everyone gets a different type of weapon, some could get as good as a machine gun, some just a cover lid for protection.
3. After the 3rd day, if more than one player survives, all of them must die.
4. There is no escape, as everyone’s neck is permanently strapped with an explosive that will go off should they exceed their specified perimeter.

This is like the “Survivor” series, only wilder and more brutal.
A student shot dead by a knife from the teacher
First casualty of the game, Fujiyoshi was shot dead by an army knife from the teacher because she wasn’t paying attention during the briefing. 1 down, 41 to go. Now it started to sound like a game of Counter-strike.

One of the many casualties in the game
This particular guy accidentally killed himself by an axe when he tried to attack Nanahara, the good guy who tried to escape the “game”, among a few others.

Pact of girls trying to escape the game
This group of girls formed a pact of trust that no one will kill each other and they had to walk together till the end of the game. But tensions grow between them when one of them was mistakenly poisoned by one of the girls. They all end up dead.

One IT geek tried to hack their system
There’s a hacker who succeeded in hacking through the military’s control system that tracks their positions and activities. He’s in one of the trust pact consisting of 5 other students, including Nanahara. They planned to destruct the military base using self-made sulphur bombs. 3 of the guys ended up dead – killed by one of the new student on transfer, who’s also the cruelest killer.

Some pretty girls too.
Well, what’s a Japanese movie without pretty girls?

Picture drawn by one of the survivor in her earlier days
At the end of the story, the teacher revealed this picture. Drawn by one of the survivors well before she joined the game. It depicts her self-centered thoughts – every dies and only she survives – which is probably how the government got the idea of this game.

The game ended with three survivors, instead of one according to the rules. I’m not gonna tell you how that happened cause it’ll kill the thrill of watching the movie. Sit tight and enjoy you guys! I’m on my way to watching the Battle Royale II (2003) now.