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Quick Business Cards

Business cards are a valuable marketing tool for any industry or profession, it is every business’ identity. Business cards could be the first impression you pass on to your potential clients and customers during a meeting or an ad-hoc meet up. So, making sure that your business card leaves a lasting impression means everything!

Here are some of the creative business cards that will Wow clients everytime they’re pulled out of the wallet…

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Advertlets Finally Paid Me

This is a reply corresponding to the Advertlets Scam post.
Advetlets finally Pays!
Advertlets had deposited the full RM100.99 amount into my bank account. Josh Lim had personally called me regarding this issue. It was a friendly talk. Jess Ong from the Support department had also e-mailed me to confirm that they had “finally” deposited the amount, and demanding that the title be changed to something that sounds nicer. Sorry but I’m keeping my blog post integrity, no major changes to titles, but I’ll write you guys a new post with words from the bottom of my heart.

Below are the e-mails corresponding to this issue.

Mail No.1 from Advertlets Support

As soon as I’ve published the Advertlets Scam blog post, Jess Ong from Advertlets Support department responded with an e-mail within 24 hours. Talk about efficiency.

Hi Alex,

We note that your payment has not been received. Unfortunately, some areas are prone to missing mail more than others, especially East Malaysia. If you recall, there was also a similiar case sometime back in your exact area as well, Miri.

To rectify this, we now allow payment through direct bank in. Could you let us know your bank account details, and we can do a direct transfer to your account. We will need your account name, number and bank name. We will be able to process it within two weeks of receiving your details.


Jess Ong
Advertlets Support

I’m sorry, but Jess Ong, I don’t follow Advertlets as closely as you would’ve liked, so I don’t recall any of the mails missing in the jungles of Sarawak. By the way, I’m in Sibu, not Miri. Where did you get my location from?

It is ridiculous that one is blaming the postal service when they themselves are not doing the job properly. The payment status in my earnings page clearly stated “Unpaid”. In contrary to their claim that the mail was loss/missed in delivery. If you’ve sent the pay cheque, won’t the status be “Sent” or “Paid”?

If you’re sending a cheque, I bet you’ll be sending them via Registered Mail, which is traceable and trackable. You can always check with the postal service and feedback with viable evidence to show that you’ve really done your job. But I understand, I’m just a miscellaneous blogger with 15,000 uniques and 800,000 page impressions per month with traffic mostly coming from the U.S who’re trying to squeeze something out of your bank account, there’s no requirement whatsoever to entertain me.

Last but not least, please don’t use the lame excuse of mail loss because we’re living in “East Malaysia” regions, we don’t live on trees anymore. Even mails to remote longhouses were being successfully delivered. I live at the heart of the town, please give a better excuse next time.

So you told me that you’re finally allowing payment through direct bank in, then why didn’t you tell me earlier, in all my 5 enquiries sent to you? Before the damage is being done? Before I need to rant about this? Don’t tell me you didn’t get the e-mails because it was sent from Sarawak.

My reply to Mail No.1


Thank you for your prompt reply. Did you also missed the 3 enquiries I’ve submitted from the helpdesk regarding the cash out payments, and 2 more via my mail to, did you also miss that? If you did miss them, I would urge you to check your helpdesk/e-mail system for any errors or bugs.

I’m sending you the account details instantly, and the cashout request had been issued in January, 2009. I don’t think you’ll need two weeks to process the payment? I’m expecting it to be deposited within a week.

Following is the account details:
Account No.:1612xxxxxxxx
Account Holder Name: Ling Zi Neng

Actually I have planned to place advertlets ads on several of my other sites, and forums as well. But your non-existent payout scheme and the ignorant support just killed my intention off.

About the missing mails, are you saying the mail were loss? That’s just an excuse, frankly :) Like I said, I hope you didn’t miss the mails I’ve sent to

Please check your from regarding my application to become one of the TITAN members. It was sent about a week or two ago, but, no one entertained me.

Thank you again for your prompt reply. I hope I’m not too harsh about this issue.

Alex Ling.

Damai Beach Resort
I was away to Kuching for the Gawaii holidays, Josh Lim called. I appreciate his gesture for calling and confirming that they had bank-ed in my earnings. Towards the end of the conversation, which I think is the prime reason for the call as I’ve already expected, he’s requesting me to update the readers, change the Advertlets Scam title, as they leave a bad impression on visitors.

I did not promise.

Mail No.2 – Further Plea to Amend Post

Hi Alex,

The amount has been transferred to your account, this is the receipt:

Amount: RM100.99 Status: Successful
Reference number: 1316550820
Transaction date: 03 Jun 2009
Transaction time: 04:20:00
From Account 51412333xxxx SP PCA
To 3rd Party Account Number: 1612xxxxxxxx
Account Holder Name: LING ZI NENG
Effective date: Today
Description of transaction: alexallied

As the situation is now resolved, we appreciate if you can update your readers on the situation, and amend your blog post to reflect that we have paid. Appreciate if you can also change the title of the blog post as it definitely does not reflect the situation accurately.

In future, please do let us know also if your query is not responded to within 48 hours. We also have a phone contact at 03-78049282 and a special e-mail: if you wish for a more immediate response.

Regarding your TITAN application, we can only offer increased earnings under that program for blogs at the moment. We will notify you if we accept forums in future.


Jess Ong
Advertlets Support

As the situation is now resolved, I’ll have a dedicated post regarding the situation, and keep the old one as a kind reminder to Advertlets and company.

Now they’re telling me that they have an urgent e-mail address for a more immediate response!

Firstly, I’m not asking for a more immediate response, I’m merely asking for a RESPONSE for God’s sake! After 6 months of waiting, there’s no response whatsoever for all the 5 enquiries I’ve made to What’s the use of an URGENT mail, when you can’t even respond to a normal enquiry after 6 months?

So if you have any questions at all, just send all your mails to their URGENT e-mail address at Their normal mailbox at will not be responded for more than 6 months, especially when it comes to payment.

Final Words


I really hope that your company will improve with so many complaints and feedback, I think it’s more than enough rants you’ve read on the Internet that, they will at least worth your consideration into making the Advertlets network a more credible company to work with.

I hope publishers will not have to write such rants to grab your attention and attending to their payout requests. All the best to Advertlets, and cheers to those who have been paid!

Now I can pay my bills with the extra RM100.99!

Advertlets Scam

Update: Advertlets had finally paid me, with stories behind the scene.

If you’ve yet to receive payments from Advertlets, please write a blog post about it and include the URL in the comment box below. Please also state your unpaid amount. I’ll link you from under this post.

This is a high ranking post on Google search term of “Advertlets” and it attracts a good amount of attention. I’m hopeful that this will help those who’ve yet to receive their hard-earned money. Good luck!

Advertlets Scam
I’ve a very bad experience with Advertlets, their previous slogan “The better blog advertising network”, didn’t really suit their means. That’s why they’ve changed to their new slogan, “More Love for your Blogs and Brands”. If you’re really the better one, why would you change it in the first place? I’m not gonna start to compare Advertlets with Nuffnang here, this is not an issue with which company is better. Comparison do no justice, but just look at Advertlets payout ratio, the number of people who’re actually getting paid, you’ll see the real issue. A simple Google search on the “Advertlets not paying” will get you almost 2,000 unsatisfied publishers’/bloggers’ rant on their payout process.

I believe it’s not just me who’re being “scammed” of advertising revenues, but hundreds and maybe thousands of them. Let’s do a simple math. Let’s just estimate a small amount of the unsatisfied bloggers who’re not getting paid, to be around 200. Let’s take the minimum cashout quota of RM100 and multiply it with the 200 people.

RM200 x 100 = RM20,000.

That makes it RM20,000. Now, that’s just the estimation. Who knows how much money did Advertlets actually holds up in their wicked bank account? 2,000 unsatisfied bloggers? You do the math.

Advertlet’s RM100 Minimum Payout Quota

Advertlets set their minimum payout quota at RM100. So what? Are they really gonna be paying it? I bet you got fooled. Me, too! Bloggers work their heart out in giving Advertlets a good ad placements, all the work and codings go into account. Some even experiment different placements for better click through rate. After half a year, some lucky ones will reach the magic RM100 mark. For all the hard work and patience, you thought your cash out process would be swift and you can enjoy the fruits of your hard labor in a form of a cheque payment from Advertlets.

Truth is, you’ll get shit. Oh no, you don’t even get shits, cause they won’t even care to reply your enquiries for cashing out. They’re indirectly telling you, “You’re worth no shit to us”. So at this point, do you continue to display their ads? Or remove them?

If you remove them, there’s no way to retrieve that hard-earned RM100.
If you opt to stay with them, you’ve no guarantee that you’ll get paid.

I call it quit after RM125 worth of traffic and clicks.

No payout
Cashed out in January, 2009. Several inquiries sent. No reply whatsoever from Advertlets.

Below is an article on Advertlet’s support page, question “I have not received my earnings. What should I do?”

If you have not received your earnings 30-45 days from the end of the month which you cashed out, please contact us.

So I’ve contacted you, what next? I’ve contact you guys 5 times and I’ve got nothing. Not even a single reply.

For your information, you will be able to see several different status options of your Cashout Request. Please see the following for details.

The cashout request has just been received and action has not been taken yet.

The payment is being processed. If you see that the payment has been in Processing status for more than a month, please contact us. There may be outstanding issues with regards to your payment including: Full Payee Name not filled in, Incomplete Postal Address, or other factors such as a prolonged click fraud audit. It will usually take between 1-2 months to audit fully for click fraud – removing illegitimate earnings is a tedious process that takes a lot of human intervention and server log processing. Your earnings will only be audited if the amount of click fraud is not excessive. An excessive amount of click fraud will result in either that particular Cashout Request being denied or your account banned. Advertlets is disappointing in other ways. If you are looking at info for breast reconstruction surgery and medical information, you may want to see breast augmentation photos, but not pornographic images and Advertlets doesn’t always understand the difference between legitimate sponsors and non-legitimate ones.

The terms really freaks me out. How do I know if I’ve got click frauds? Let’s take an example.
I go about other people’s blog with Advertlet’s ads running. I sit there and click their ads 10-50 times a day, everyday for a month. So if you consider that as click fraud, then Advertlets, you’ll have a fucken big problem. No one’s gonna get paid in the end, but Advertlets themselves.

No one knows exactly how they define “excessive” click fraud, and you won’t get their server logs, too. It basically means, if I don’t like to pay you, I’ll just categorize you in the Click Fraud group. Done. Case closed.

The payment has already been sent by post and should reach you shortly. Let us know if it doesn’t reach you.

The cashout request has been denied due to a high amount of click fraud. A payment such as this will not be received as the system has automatically determined that the earnings present in that Cashout have been highly or occasionally, fully consisting of fraudulent earnings. If your cash out function has not been disabled, you are allowed to continue earning with Advertlets, however only legit future payments besides the Denied Payment will be sent. In most cases, you will only have 1 Cashout Request denied before being banned completely.

I’m not gonna waste my time over the click fraud system again. The statement I’ve made above clearly tells you how bad their payout system is.

Daily Earnings
This is my recent earning status. High impressions doesn’t guarantee high payouts. But that’s not the case with last year, where I only get one or two thousand impressions, but the payout is like RM1-RM2/day, which was good.

On 5/5/2009, I’ve got 5808 impressions, but 0 clicks. I get RM1.277.
On 27/5/2009, I’ve got 10356 impressions, 5 clicks. And I get RM0.539.

How can anyone justify that? I need an explanation from Advertlets. Maybe someone there has a green MBA, or any kind of business degree, and can explain this. But it seems that it might be too late.

Only a Handful of Loyal Bloggers get Paid

It’s true that they only serve bloggers who supports them and ONLY them. Blogger who’re better in traffic rankings. Meaning, they hand pick their favorite bloggers for the payout. For those who blog for fun and thinks that you’ll make some side income with Advertlets, stop dreaming. You might as well put on some Google ads and get better revenue with them, albeit the long wait, but at least they pay!

I’ve sent 5 enquiries through their so-called friendly Helpdesk requesting for the status of my payment. Until today, I haven’t got a single reply from them. Talking of respect, this is customer service at the rock bottom level.

Advertlets advertisers, Have you heard us?

HP, Nikon, Ruumz, Tourism Australia, and some government advertisers promoting Crime Free campaing. I really wonder why would Advertisers still be funding their ads campaign on Advertlets, when everyone is complaining about the payout problems. Haven’t they realize the failed system that Advertlets have? The non-existent payout system? How long can they survive with their scarce publishers/bloggers?

Advertisers, save your cash, advertise on Google or Facebook. More and more publishers/bloggers are taking down their Advertlets ads due to non-payment of their ads revenues. Are you part of their conspiracy that cheats us our hard-earned revenue? I hope you’re not.

Final Words

If you’re still dangling in around, swinging on the pendulum and still considering whether to go on displaying Advertlets’ ads or remove them for good, I hope this will be it. Please call it quit if you’ve yet to get payments from Advertlets.

I won’t stay with a company where the boss doesn’t pay for the 1 year work I’ve done. Will you?

Got something to tell Advertlets? Say it here!

Haven’t got your payment even though you’ve requested cash out months ago? Advertlets never reply your enquiries? Need attention from Advertlets?

All you need to do is make a blog post about the non-payment, plus the amount owed, and explain in details that painful process of waiting and expecting something that never comes. I’ll personally link you with your post title, displayed right under here!

You can also put this button up your blogs and spread the words. We want real actions and real payments from Advertlets!

115 x 84 pixels button.

Advertlets Not Paying? Rant here!
<a href=””><img src=”″ alt=”Advertlets Not Paying? Rant here!” title=”Advertlets Not Paying? Rant here!”/></a>

255 x 150 pixels button.

Advertlets Not Paying? Rant here!

<a href=””><img src=”″ alt=”Advertlets Not Paying? Rant here!” title=”Advertlets Not Paying? Rant here!”/></a>

The Victims

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Put your links here! Just comment below. I’ll fetch and add in.

Facebook – Overhyped?

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook
Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg. Photograph: Craig Ruttle/AP

While you Facebook users are busy updating statuses, sharing links, and photos, money is spinning at the back of the social network website and in the executive rooms. A Russian investment firm has offered to buy $200 million of preferred stock in Facebook at a $10 billion valuation.

Streamyx is No.1 Again! Whoa!

Congratulations to TM Streamyx once again for winning the Frost & Sullivan 2009 Broadband Service Provider of the Year award! The broadband service provider that ALL of us Malaysians love to the roots of our heart and spines.

I have to say, this should be the biggest news in Malaysia since my cat gave birth to a little kitten.

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