I’m gonna show you how to save space on your browser so you can place more bookmarks to your favorite websites.
More than 30 bookmarks in my Bookmark toolbar.
I could stuff more than 30 bookmarks in my Bookmark toolbar, just like this! Got the idea yet? I’m effectively utilizing website’s icons as an idenfication to shortcuts in my bookmark. Well, if you know how to do it already, you could skip the following steps. Else, read on.

Step 1
First, drag that icon and drop it onto your “Bookmarks Toolbar”. Of course, you’ll have to enable your bookmarks toolbar in the first place if you haven’t already done that. Just go to “View” > “Toolbars” > Tick on that “Bookmarks Toolbar”.

Step 2
Step 2. Right click on the new bookmark that you’ve just dropped in and choose “Property”. Empty the “Name” section of the form, then click OK. You’re done!

*For those websites that doesn’t come with an icon (a paper document icon will show up instead), you’ll need to leave a short name so you could recognize them.