Preparing the Favorite Icon

If you have Photoshop knowledge, you can make your own icon image. Start with a 64×64 image and after you’ve finished your creation, resize it down to 16×16 and save it as .ico file. If you do not have the icon file format in Photoshop, you can download it here.

Download Photoshop .ico file format. Right-click on the link and and click “Save Link As…” to download. Place it under your Photoshop > Plug-Ins > File Formats folder.

For those who doesn’t play with graphics, or too lazy to make one, you could generate one using any images you like from this service at

Or, you could use some of these ready-made Christmas-themed icons I’ve collected from the Internet.

Just right click on any of them and Save Image As “.ico” file.

Upload it to a webserver

Upload your favicon file to your webserver, if you have one. Or, you could place them on image hosting services like ImageShack, or Photobucket. Or, if you’re using Blogger to blog, you can just upload your icon file in their “Create Post” editor.

Execute the Icon from the Code

Put the following code within the <head> and </head> tags zone in your HTML or webpage.

<link rel="Shortcut Icon" href="">

Just replace the URL of the icon with your own and you’re done! Enjoy your website/blog with new personalized favicon!