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Useful Plurk Tools for your WordPress blog

Plurk is yet another free social networking service with striking similarity to its 2 year-old counterpart, Twitter. You might even call Plurk a clone of Twitter, but Plurk has a lot more to offer, it’s more social than Twitter, and it’s as close as it gets to becoming an IM!

This is how the people at Plurk describes themselves.

A really snazzy site that allows you to showcase the events that make up your life, and follow the events of the people that matter to you, in deliciously digestible short messages called plurks.

The followings are the tools that makes Plurk work with WordPress.

Retrieving Plurks onto your WordPress blog
Plurk for WordPress is a simple plugin by Ricardo González that retrieves your latest plurk messages and display it on your WordPress blog.

Sending Plurks whenever you publish or Edit a post on your WordPress Blog
WordPlurk is a nifty plugin that allows you to post your WordPress blog posts to Plurk.

Plurk Updater sends a Plurk to your account anytime you create, publish, or edit a post on your WordPress blog. You can pick and choose when Plurks are sent and what text is passed along with it.

Announcement on my Alexified Theme

My theme had exceeded the 1000 downloads milestone and my word, I didn’t expect such a turnout really. I had tons of feedbacks and support queries that I just couldn’t answer. That’s my bad. I’ve to apologize for the inability to answer your questions due to the switch of interest/focus lately.

Perhaps someone could takeover the design and its support?

WordPress 2 Theme Design Competition Revived

For those who had submitted your themes to the previous competition site, which looks to be all but a scam by now, Terry at had decided to take matters into his own hand by reviving the WordPress 2 theme design competition. So, start re-submitting your themes back to the WordPress community via WordPress Arena.

Now that’s more like a real competition, with virtually no transparency and no secrecy, all the judges are revealed as they boast some of the industry’s most respected web designers. The competition site even has its own unique theme.

Competition Details

All themes must be submitted by May 1, 2006, 12:00pm PST.

  • All themes must be packaged in .zip format and e-mailed to
  • You can enter as many themes as you would like.
  • The theme should look good on all modern browsers, across platforms.
  • Any theme may be excluded for any reason, though no likely to happen.
  • All themes must be released under a GPL compatible license (if a license is not specified, you agree that you are releasing the theme under the GPL license by submitting it to the competition).
  • Winners will be announced on May 15th, 2006.


  • Best Overall Design – Apple Ipod Shuffle 512MB
  • Most Creative Design – 12/month Web Hosting Package (valued at ~$100)
  • Best Use of WordPress Theme Options – The ZEN of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web
  • Best Three Column Design – $60 Amazon Certificant

Please refer to WordPress Arena for more information.

My WordPress theme is now released

My wordpress theme is now officially released and ready for download. I’ve decided that the public version be called Alexified™ in favor of Fury. Sort of make it sounds like my own brand of theme.

I’ve cleaned up the codes of my Fury theme, make it public-usable, tested it, and slapped a new name on it before releasing it for public download. Head over to the Alexified page to download the theme.

Please do let me know if you decide to use, enhance, or improve the general layout/functionality of my theme. I’ll be creating a page specifically to showcase every Alexified™ blog, so drop me a comment with your blog URL and I’ll add you to the list. Users are encouraged to enhance the theme and distribute it in accordance of the GNU General Public License.

Updates on My WordPress Theme

The long-awaited wordpress theme – Fury v1 – is expected to be released for public download within this week.
Fury v1 Screenshot
It’s been tested by some helpful bloggers and everything is looking fine at the moment. Overall progress is approximately 95% as I write. There are still a few nifty little errors to handle at this point. I apologize for the delay as I’m stuck with catching up with my own life in the real world.

By the way, I’ll be flying back to Malaysia on the 25th of March. Staying in Kuala Lumpur until the 30th of March, before flying back to Miri and Sibu.

Alex Allied v2 is Here

A week’s work on Alex Allied v2 has come to an end and you’re looking at the result right in front of your screen. Introducing the Fury 1.0 template for Wordpress.

The Mission

I had always wanted to create websites that loads quickly. No one likes to wait, and cutting down the loading time is my top priority in this project. Nowadays, fast-loading websites doesn’t have to be ugly, thanks to CSS. Conforming to Web 2.0 standards in terms of web design is also an essential part of the project. Though, I’m still working my way through reaching the standards.

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