Didn’t sleep well last night. Accumulated total time of sleep = 3 hours. I woke up like a popped-eye goldfish. Went out today.

Today’s mission: Get a used car.
Budget: $10k. Push it under $9k.

Had an easy lunch at a Chinese BBQ restaurant. A plate of crispy chicken rice with soup + hot chinese tea cost us $3.80 a plate. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen in Melbourne. Tapao-ed (Cantonese: take-away) two rolls of Teriyaki chicken sushi roll, which costs a normal $2.20 per piece. Geez.

We rushed straight down to the train station with destination set at Ring Wood. Got there to meet up with an uncle of ours where he brought us to car shopping! We were way, way late on our appointed time, about an hour late due to the distance from Flinder Street Station to Ring Wood station. The trip took about 30-40 minutes. Well, blame us for not going there earlier for the sake of our banking transactions.

Photostory. Click to read.

Chicken Teriyaki sushi roll at $2.20/pc. It's a good snack though. Nice and crispy. Yeah, gives you carbs to burn for that cold winter day.OMG! Traffic Jam!! nah, it's just a pile up. Heaps of used cars up for sales here. Prices are all under 20k! Cheap! with noisy engine as well.This is the first car that interests me. Honda Accord VTi. 1995. $9999 nett. A bit of cracks on its rear bumper. Still ok. But I'll look again though.Fancy an American? Cadillac's the choice. This car's a classic man. Norah Jones's favorite vehicle while singing her sleepy country songs.Here's a view of the interior. All white vintage leather-coated cushioned seat. Ride that, baby! *No CD player provided. Tuner might not work.Now this is what I'm talking about. Brand-new-like, 10-year-old Honda Accord VTi with 2.2litre engine. Well, we talked it down to $8999, considering.Man, looks like brand new. All the parts are cleaned. No grease nor dust, just alloys and aluminums. Lil bit of high-pitched noise noticed. hmm...