Long long time ago, well, that’s about 100 years ago, Alfred Dunhill kept a book of different, unique cigarette mixtures requested by individual customers. I was like, Wow, during that time the cigarette business was so one-on-one and personal type that if it was done today, it’ll be unimaginable.

Nowadays everything have to move fast and so comes commercialization. There’s no time to cater your personal needs anymore. Everyone smoke the same type of ciggies, use the same type of shampoo, toothbrush, cars, shoes, etc. Who cares what blend you want? Just smoke original, Light, or Menthol lah! But Dunhill decided to bring those special blends back in their Limited Edition release.

My Mixture No.33
A rich blend with a taste mellowed by exotic Bahia tobacco. Inspired by a recipe rediscovered by in our historic “My Mixture” books.

Opening up
Vintage-style cigarette box format. Covered with a layer of aluminum foil to seal-in freshness.

Revealing the cigarettes
Removing the foil and revealing the cigarettes inside.

A close up
A close-up of the Mixture No.33.