What can 30 cents buy you nowadays? Perhaps a piece of candy, a small packet of junk food, or maybe a stick of Pall Mall cigarette. Seems worthless that little 30 cents would be. But try adding that to the price of the world’s most sought-after piece of commodity – The Petroleum; and what you’ll get is chaos.

Malaysians should change their lifestyle and adapt to the inevitable fuel price increase. – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Change of lifestyle to save money. No more going to yumcha sessions, no more shopping sprees, no more extra money for entertainment and leisure. When Najib said Malaysians should change their lifestyle, he meant to change your lifestyle for the worse. That is a country with system to rip money off their citizens and ask them to live with it. The fuel had almost multiplied its price over the last 5 years and the salary hadn’t even raised a bit. I think it’s time for the government to start a fairer waging system and improve human rights policy. How could they declare themselves as a developing nation when 1/3 of their citizens are living a live of the third world’s? Differences between the rich and the poor are stretching beyond control and the rich will always get richer ripping money off the middle and the poor’s.

From the repercussion of that reduced spendings, the nation’s economy will only suffer. Inflation will eventually happen. Your RM10 can’t get you half of the same thing you could buy 5 years ago. Expect another economic recession resulting from this unexpected fuel hike.

109.9 cents per litre fuel
This is Safeway‘s Caltex fuel station. When you purchase $30 or more from their supermarket, you’ll get 4 cents off every litre pumped. The fuel price here in Australia varies from day to day in between $1.40 and $1.10. That’s still very affordable as compared to Malaysia’s.

113.9 cents per litre for Unleaded fuel
Even without the 4 cents/litre savings, it’s still affordable at AU$1.14/litre. The more premium Caltex Vortex only costs a mere AU$1.21.

If the Malaysian government tries to tell me that Malaysia has the cheaper fuel by currency conversion, AU$1.40 = RM 3.85 (by AU$1.00 = RM2.75 rate), I’ll tell them in return, average Australians earns AU$20/hour, and Malaysians earn roughly the same amount, but that it’s in RM and it’s per day rate. So stop comparing fuel prices by countries in the South-East Asia region and start looking at how much the citizen earns to afford it.

But in the end, Najib would come up and say, “Hey, live with it and adapt to higher fuel prices, cause you’re not the government and you can’t do shit about it.”

Malaysians have this one guarantee – the Government will not increase the price of petrol again this year, even if oil prices continue to skyrocket. – The Star

No, not even when the oil price skyrocketed by RM10. It’s the government’s word and you better believe it!