Been wanting to try out that HID on my City for a long time already, and after a busy day dealing with Hari Raya customers, kanneh, talk about them, they all pocket full full come in and flash out the cash, chrome here and there. Suddenly my green window tint films sell like hot cake, Malays like green color bah. I wonder if red color tint will sell for Chinese New Year or not?

Anyways, back to HID, After installing them, I brought it out for a test run at Bintulu’s one and only 4 star hotel, the ParkCity Everly Hotel. eN, the Bintulu’s Hyundai agent was there as well.

Honda City with HID
We took a lot of of shots but this is the best I’ve got.

The glare
The HID illumination.

One thing about HID is that, it’s so bright that oncoming drivers thought that I’m having my hi-lights on. It’s not only affecting oncoming traffics, but those who’re in front of me. While driving back to Miri for the Raya holidays, almost half of the oncoming cars flashed/hi-lighted me and ALL those who I’ve overtook did that, too.

Gotta adjust the altitude, maybe?