Welcome to Ikea
This is the Ikea outlet in Richmond, Melbourne. The store is housed under Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre, situated at the corner of Victoria Street and Burnley Street.

Ikea is basically divided into three main areas, as of all Ikeas around the world. The areas being the showroom, the marketplace, and the restaurant. The showroom is where shoppers can experience each and every products in Ikea. Selections are then made and their locations written down on a piece of leaflet provided. The marketplace is a huge depot where all the products are located. The shoppers will have to collect their desired products at its specific locations. And finally, the restaurant are pretty much self-explanatory. It’s where hungry and thirsty people go to have their body replenished.

Pencils and paper
Alright, to start off, don’t forget to take that little piece of information leaflet and a pencil. If you miss them at the entrance, there’s lots more in around the store. It’s very handy for us to jot down products’ locations, prices, quantities, and also make additional notes if necessary.

Me and the Ikea Yellow Bag
You can “borrow” the yellow bags to place their items in. It’s their alternative to a shopping cart on the Showroom level.

Create Your Own VIKA table
I love this part. You can actually create your own table by choosing your preferred table top and the legs.

Table legs
Very flexible. It’s all your choice!

Office Settings
One of the many office settings in Ikea. I’ll build myself a home office one day using Ikea furnitures. They look awesomelly great!

Chairs Gallery
Chairs galore.

Then, some bedroom furnitures…
Sultan Mattresses
Sultan sleep on these mattresses, and I tell ya, once you sleep on them, you don’t feel like waking up in the morning! They’re too comfy.

and into the kitchen…
Choose your sink and tap
Kitchen components are available as well. Ikea allows you to mix and match their products and it gives that flexibility advantage to shoppers.

End of the day, shopping experience in Ikea is fantastic. The ambience is cool, and their product designs are really eye-catching and creative, no doubt about that.