Do kids nowadays have anything to worry about other than study hard and score Aces? I mean, everything is prepared and ready for them from the minute they were borned, and all they have to do it follow the path their parents had set for them. Kids nowadays are so in a different league of their own, man!

We kids from the 90’s used to have our nearest parks as our playground. Nowadays, the kids are having the world as their playground. From cellphones to cars, to International branded merchandises – Do I need to mention Armani Prada Gucci Fendi cK and Guess what I’m gonna say next? Guess okay, Guess.

Talk about going to school, even if the school is just 2 blocks away, they’ll also need a dedicated driver to fetch them, and somemore must use the best car in the house! Preferably, Mercedes Benz, if not, Lexus also can. Nabeh, last time the best “car” we had are the BMX and China’s Dragonfly brand bicycles, and we had to be our own driver, too!

BMX and the China bicycle. Old skool stuffs!
Old-school bicycles. I had both of them before!

And then somemore, kids nowadays demanded that their breakfast be from McD, lunch from KFC and dinner from Burger King. No wonder kids nowadays are having obesity problems.
Cartman sez I'm not fat. I'm big boned.

Last but not least, kids nowadays are showered with jackpots and grand prizes.

Mama: “Loi loi, if you get 7As ah, daddy will take you see the Miki mao in Hong Kong Disneyland

Loi Loi: “Wahhh, I wan I wan. Somemore, can I have the RM2,000 XXX brand camera phone oso? Can lah mama!”

Mama: “Aiya, go back and study, later I talk to daddy about it.”

Then, the D-day comes as the jackpot results (UPSR result) is released. This lucky girl hit jackpot with all 7 numbers kena straight!

So, she won the grand prize of a RM2,000 handphone, a trip to Hong Kong to see the Miki mao in Disneyland, and an ang pow of undisclosed amount. Nabeh, during my time hor, if I score 7As and got rewarded a trip to Kuching from Sibu plus an angpow, I’ll be the happiest kid in the world already!

Kids nowadays…