Taking the Kuching riverside boat ride is one of the must-do things for tourists visiting the city.

Many took the boat to visit the Fort Margherita opposite the river, now there’s the new Dewan Undangan Negeri (State Parliament Assembly hall) to add to the hot spots.

The Kuching Riverside Boat Ride
Mary and I took the boat ride but we didn’t go to the Fort nor the DUN, we’ve stayed on the boat and discovered something else – The life of the boatmen.

The Boat
Hello Boatmen!

Boat ride
Cruisin’ on the Kuching river.

The new DUN
Overlooking the new DUN and the Kuching City riverside skyline.

Closing in on DUN
Reaching the opposite river bank for dispatch of human cargo.

Curiosity kills the cat.

Islam prayers
Muslim prayers. Offering some real sense of security for the boatmen on the river.

Water bottle
The source of life – Water.

Hot water bottle
The thermo flask to store hot water for his daily meals.

Biscuit tin
A biscuit tin.

Kerosene lamp
A couple of kerosene lamp to light up the small boat throughout the night.

Brand new motor
A brand new motor to power the boat.

Now that’s the kind of life you’ll come to expect if you’re a boatmen on the Kuching river.
Glittering water

How is your life?