Most of the population in Bintulu are labours and contractors to companies dealing with liquid natural gas, timber, palm oil, and petroleum, while most of the town’s other businesses revolves around these four major industries.

Many come from other cities and states. Ang mohs are plenty here, most of them engineers and executive officers. Sometimes you’ll see ang moh travellers too, I don’t think the town center nor the zoo attracts them here. It’s the Similajau National Park perhaps.
Welcome to Similajau National Park

People here call it Simi Lanciao (Local dialect, Hokkien of ‘What Cock?/Dick?’) National Park. I heard of its Golden Beach is renowned with silky smooth sand, but to see that particular part of the beach, you’ll have to take a 20-30 minutes boat trip. I’ve only been to there once and I was only there to survey the ground for a company BBQ party. They even charge RM10/head as entrance fee. But a friendly ‘runding’ (discussion) with the guard saved me RM10 and I promised him that I’ll be out in 30 minutes. I decided not to have the BBQ there because RM10/head would equal money for our BBQ food.

Bintulu from the sky.

The old town centre, right by the side of the river, where you can find pubs, hotels, the local market. Well, most of the indigenous people hang out here.

The new ParkCity Mall.

ParkCity Mall

New World Mart @ Park City Mall

Park City Mall at the background.

Popular Bookstore inside Park City Mall.

Inside of Park City Mall, Bintulu.